Goon Squad in Danger of an Upset


WEST BLOOMFIELD 6FT & UNDER: Week 6 Predictions

By Joe Kassis | West Bloomfield League Coordinator

7 p.m. – Smash Bros (4-3) vs. Team Samer (1-6)

Smash Bros has an opportunity to jump on the No. 2 seed by taking down the last place team in the league.  Just last week, Smash Bros held Team Samer to a season-low 45 points with their stifling defense and should have no problem keeping them down for a second week in a row.  Locking themselves into the 2/3 semifinal game is a good spot for Smash Bros whose defense has been solid all season long.  

Prediction: Smash Bros 73 - Team Samer 55

8 p.m. – Goon Squad (6-1) vs. Team Anton (2-4) 

Goon Squad has already clinched the No. 1 seed in the league, whether they win or lose this game.  What they have an opportunity to do is take out one of their potential top competitors in their quest for a championship.  While not affecting their own position, the ability to knock out a top competitor before the playoffs even begins, makes this a huge game for Goon Squad.  That being said, it is of even more importance to MVP-candidate Anton Lucaj, who will bring his absolute best effort tonight.  Do not be surprised if Anton drops near 40 in trying to lead his team to victory tonight.  

Prediction: Team Anton 79 - Goon Squad 72

9 p.m. – Butterfly Effect (3-3) vs. Showtime Ballers (4-3) 

Just last week, Butterfly Effect was held to their lowest point total of the season (45 points) by this same Showtime Ballers squad who is minus their star Josh Isso.  The transition from a high-scoring team to a team built on defense is not easy, but the Ballers took it on like pros last week.  Can they do it for a second straight week against the same opponent?  That remains to be seen.  

Prediction: Butterfly Effect 67 - Showtime Ballers 64

10 p.m. – Team Anton (2-4) vs. Butterfly Effect (3-3) 

Depending on what happens in the 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. games in which both of these teams play, this could end up being an elimination game in the last regular season game of the season.  Last time they met, it was a one-point victory at the hands of Butterfly Effect.  With the season on the line and Team Anton having the ability to clinch with two wins, Anton Lucaj will get his team over the hump and pull off two W's to clinch the fourth spot in the playoffs. 

Prediction: Team Anton 81 - Butterfly Effect 75