We offer a complete basketball path to play the game for life. Understanding every member’s motivation for playing basketball is unique, our services are flexible and customizable to meet your hoops aspirations, age and skill level.

We define basketball success by continuing to play the game. We believe your basketball career should not end at age 13*. Or age 18, 35, or 65.

We put fun back in basketball through the “best rec league in the world**”, unstructured open play and progressive skill development to build intrinsic motivation by renewing your love of the game.

Leveraging the numerous amenities and complimentary services within LIFE TIME, we develop the most complete and healthy basketball players in the market, inspired to play for life.

* 70% of kids quit playing basketball by age 13 and never play again - National Alliance For Youth Sports

** “The best rec league in the world.”- Overtime