The Game is Changing. It's time we change too.

A sneak peek at our new identity.

We believe everyone can play basketball. At Ultimate Hoops, we are a home court for anyone looking to play.

Found in over 113 Life Time clubs around the nation, Ultimate Hoops features official-sized hardwood courts and basketball games, leagues, clinics and camps for all levels. 

For kids:
We have top-level camps, clinics and classes running every week — featuring trainers with high-level experience as both players and coaches — as well as an all-day, double elimination tournaments in both 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 formats. 

For adults:
We have the largest recreational league in the nation featuring different tiers for all skill levels and all ages, recorded stats and championship banners. 

For the pros:
Whether it’s summer pickup games, league play or in our national tournaments, we have both former and current professional athletes playing on our courts.

We love this game, and because we believe anyone can play, we hope everyone will. Whether that’s at Life Time or in your driveway. In a 40+ league or as a starter for varsity. For fun or for competition. We only ask one thing: