Chris Johnson to the Rescue?


SAN ANTONIO: Week 2 Predictions

By Pat Fridley | San Antonio Co-League Coordinator

7:15 p.m. - Hit Em' Up vs. #LOYALTY

With both teams taking victories in Week 1, somebody is walking away with a loss. Hit Em' Up's Durrell Norman will face-off against former teammates and rivals on #LOYALTY in what should be a great game. 

Hit Em' Up cruised to victory against Bigger Than You last week. They won't get the luxury of an undermanned team in #LOYALTY this week. The Double D duo of Durrell Norman and Devin Moore looked good last week, and gave us a preview of what can be done when both are playing hard, while Agustin Zurita got hot off of the bench. They'll need big contributions from the rest of the roster to combat the high-scoring #LOYALTY squad.

#LOYALTY probably displayed the most chemistry on opening night, as all players scored (even Josh Martin) in an effortless fashion. Should they carry on that rhythm into Week 2, they'll be hard to beat. 

Prediction: #LOYALTY brings another win to the table, as their chemistry should once again provide the advantage against a team that's still getting used to each other. 

8: 15 p.m. - Reasonable Doubt vs Sicko Mode

RD suffered an upsetting loss in Week 1, they'll probably be fired up to take on their next opponent in Sicko Mode, who will be making their debut this week. 

RD had visible chemistry issues in Week 1 (they weren't the only ones). As expected in a draft league, we expect that to be the case for a lot of teams for at least a few weeks. Maybe this one hurt more bc RD is arguably the most talented team in the league, and their superstar front court was only able to combine for 10 points. Rookie Demetrius Davis should be making his debut for RD in Week 2 as well, adding another player to get used to. #GrowingPains

Sicko Mode will have their first taste of league action in Week 2. Several of their players were seen on the sidelines in Week 2, scouting a bit to see how all these teams play out. They're hopeful, but they're prepared to go through their own period of dysfunction as they feel each other out as well. On paper, they should be solid. They've got a great inside scorer in Antuan Bootle, and several perimeter threats including do-it-all guard Sean Dockery of Blue Devil lineage. 

Prediction: RD plays inspired, and takes a victory in a physical win over Sicko Mode. 

9:15 p.m. Bigger Than You vs Ether

Ether is coming off of a great Week 1 victory, in large part to the great play of LA Tumblin. Bigger Than You is giving themselves a pass for their Week 1 loss, as they know it's a totally different game when they're not missing all their core pieces. 

Ether played great all around, but the bigger story is the inspired play of LA Tumblin; who feels he has a lot to prove this season. Traded away before Week 1, for what seems like pennies on the dollar, LA is looking to restore his rep as an impact player in this league. He sure made a case for that in Week 1, can he continue?

Bigger Than You should look totally different in Week 2. For starters, they were missing their "starters". (Lousy pun intended). #3 pick Joe Jackson will not be able to play the rest of the season due to a new schedule, but the Board of Captains agreed to allow Chris Johnson to replace him. CJ is about the same height, puts up about the same numbers, and has about the same impact on the game as Joe. They play a little different, but this is still a strong team even without. They also expect to have big man Kai Johnson and PG Justin Brickman back as well. This team had a lot of hype coming into the season, will they live up to it?

Prediction: Bigger Than You takes its first victory, as they give us a glimpse of what may come all season long....