2019 HALL OF FAME NOMINEE: Brandon Walker

Walker is the most accomplished player in the history of UH Arizona

Walker is the most accomplished player in the history of UH Arizona

When you think about UH Arizona, Walker is one of the first names that has to be brought up. No one has been as dedicated to the UH Arizona community than Walker, who is closing in on becoming the first player in UH Arizona history to reach 500 games.

He started playing in the summer of 2010, and he’s been racking up milestones ever since. He has averaged 17.7 points per game in the eight-plus years in UH (shooting 46 percent from the field and 40 percent from deep), which gives him over 8,600 career points, more than anyone in Arizona. As far as other statistical categories in Arizona history, he’s near the top. He ranks second in rebounds (currently one rebound behind Tyrone Jones), second in assists and fourth in steals.

His impact in Arizona has been felt both on and off the court, as he’s been a media associate for almost as long as he’s played. His articles, and his on-court personality, have helped add to the entertainment of the leagues he’s been involved in. His impact has also been felt at the national stage, as Walker has played in seven straight Las Vegas National Tournaments, averaging 12.6 points in 24 career games.

UH Arizona has blown up into arguably the most successful region in UH, and that would not have been possible without Walker. He was the only representative from Arizona to get nominated last year. Will he have company from the region this time around?