The Gauntlet Remains Unbeaten


CHAMPIONS: Week 3 Power Rankings 

By: Kevin Gill | Champions Media Associate


Lake Houston Live will hold the number-one spot this week after a convincing win over the defending champs. Although they caught them on a back to back, they were never truly threatened in their matchup. Anthony Nunn has his guys focused and Shelby Parsons seems to be in rare form and focused no matter who his matchup is.  Lake Houston also has revamped their bench adding backcourt scoring with all time great Devon “Wisconsin” Johnson. Let’s see if they can survive this upcoming gauntlet coming up....👀


City CENTRE Ballers haven’t disappointed this season after a hot start to the season. They get the number-two seed this week after a PHYSICAL, TESTY, and MENTALLY JARRING game. That game featured a total of three technicals, 31 fouls and 39 free-throw attempts. With the veterans Emmanuel White and Bryce Morris leading the charge, this group will always be a matchup nightmare. If there was ever a team to survive the gauntlet, I would probably go with the Ballers.

3. BULLETTS (1-1) 👌🏾

The Bulletts looked like the Bulletts of Week 2-4 of last season....DOMINANT! They literally punished the Monstarz on the boards.(47-32). It really wasn’t hard to do either when you have arguably the best rebounder in the league in Jaron Sweatt. Not to mention Kai Maynard, Donte Mathis and Bryce Vaughn to name a few more. Not much 3-point shooting outside of Austin Mention and Larry Mooney, but heck, that might be all they need. If Donte can keep everyone in their proper role they can find themselves back in the championship.

4. ALLIANCE 🖖🏾 (1-2)

Alliance, although they are back-to-back champs, and deserve RESPECT....*Stephen A Smith voice...I must say they looked, dare I say venerable, human? Shook? Rattled? “The Gauntlet” is clearly no joke. They easily took out the Monstarz and now the defending champs Alliance. They did lose a close, barbaric of a game last Thursday, so don’t get it twisted. The power rankings are fair and show no biased so after a two-game losing streak, they have to graciously fall to the number-four seed. Howard Williams, if you’re reading this, which I know you are, you guys have some work to do and this will be the most impressive championship run if you guys can come back from this. 

5. MONSTARZ ✋🏾 (0-3)

The Monstarz once again hold the fifth seed. Something has been missing for quite sometime with this team.  They added another veteran scorer in Shawn Jones “VA” and didn’t disappoint with a solid debut (20 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists) but they still lack size and toughness. If the Monstarz want to go on a run and get out from the bottom, they have to be more efficient, get out in transition, run and play unselfish. Oh and let’s not forget to get back on defense. It’s long season, but the Monstarz need to take baby steps and find their identity first. 


7 p.m. - Alliance (1-2) vs Bulletts (1-1) | Bulletts by 3 

8 p.m. - Lake Houston Live (2-0) vs Monstarz (0-3) | Lake Houston Live by 7

9 p.m. - City Centre Ballers (2-0) vs Lake Houston Live (2-0) | City Centre by 6