Zach Got Dropped 


GILBERT DRAFT: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Adam Butler | Gilbert Media Associate

1. Back Back Terry (2-0)

BBT just looks for different ways to get into the wrong end of a highlight. First, Terry gets dunked on...May we never forget, and now this. I fully cannot put into words how badly Zach Ries got dropped. Almost had to leave the gym. Atop the rankings this season, only because I want someone to do something cool and embarrassing this week. Keep the streak alive. 

2. Most Hated (2-0)

I had to jump on the trend of putting Adam and Christian second in the standings even if they should be in first....I’m convinced that Bower has been aging in reverse. Through two games, he’s averaging 37 points and 11 assists. Alleged sneaker god Adam Bickerstaff doesn’t really have to try that hard. He should be putting in some more effort in his on-court shoe game 👀. 

3. The Walking Techs (2-0)

Desmond Floyd is a monster. With him down low scoring 20/20 at halftime, and Danny up top hitting from half court with his eyes closed, I don’t see many teams that compete with this level of craziness. At the same time, they have the biggest front court with three people 6’5-plus, and the smallest backcourt with Omar Duran and Danny Dziedzic coming in at 4’2 each, it’s definitely one of the most fun teams to watch. 

4. Got Juice? (2-0)

Gilbert scoring record holder Marlon Burnett joining the crew, GJ just got a whole lot tougher. I think they could be up there with having the toughest team to guard. 

5. Thank u, Next (1-1)

Potentially losing big man Melvin Orji could be a huge hit to their already small frontcourt. They’ll definitely be tested this week as they take on the very tall Got Juice? DJ Hurd might have to play center this week, and swing man Danny Giang will definitely have to show out if they want to stay in the game  

6. Limitless (1-1)

Blowout win last week, Jalen Gibson channeled his inner Klay Thompson while going 6-6 from 3 all game. Lionel Pehoua took an easy day last week, while racking up 21 rebounds and an easy 15 points. Always curious to see who James Holmes dunks on next. 

7. 2OH6ERS (0-2)

Fred Dudley and Steven Wess are doing the most, averaging 36 and 30 points respectively. Gee Kila is staying active on the boards as always, but he needs to show off the inner offensive machine and get those transition 3s up. Rumor has it that the AZ Beast won’t be around for much longer, so I expect Wess and Fred to come full speed on Wednesdays. 

8. Lycans (0-2)

Team chemistry looks to be a little rocky so far, but it’s not too late to turn it around. There’s plenty of scoring options on the squad, especially with big guy Chris Allen pulling in every offensive rebound. 

9. EatsQ (0-2)

Definitely the most surprising team to be winless thus far. Between Anthony Smith, Carlos Nosie and Terrill Clayborne, they definitely shouldn’t be last in the league in scoring. They’ll be put to the test of the undefeated Walking Techs tonight. 

10. The Chris Walkers (0-2)

Is anyone surprised? Louis Barham and Daylan Gaddis should be able to carry the team and outscore most any other duo in the league. Hopefully they figure it out soon, otherwise it’ll be a long season for them. 


7 p.m. - EatsQ vs. The Walking Techs | The Walking Techs by 7

7:30 p.m. - Back Back Terry vs. 2OH6ERS | Back Back Terry by 11

8 p.m. - Thank u, next vs. Got Juice? | Got Juice? By 5

8:30 p.m. - The Chris Walkers vs. Lycans | Lycans by 3

9 p.m. - Most Hated vs. Limitless | Most Hated by 13

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