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SAN ANTONIO, TX: Finals Preview

By Pat Fridley | San Antonio Co-Coordinator


Once again, the UH Finals are upon us. The Summer Season is usually the most competitive, with everyday hoopers, seasoned vets, college players, aspiring pro's, and everyone in between all coming out to play. Summer 18' was no different. 

Even the 2 teams that were forced to drop out, GATA specifically was a Finals candidate who most likely would have taken the #2 seed should they have finished the season out.

But even with all of that, we're left with 2 teams, the same 2 participants from the previous season. One with "re-peat" aspirations, and the other with "re-venge" aspirations....


#2 Kingdom Come (5-3)
#1 PVGNE (Un-Defeated)

One of the most memorable Finals games in UHSA history was played back in June, with Kingdom Come edging out a great PVGNE team in OT.

Both teams, have brought back the entire core, and and brought in a few extra pieces to lighten the load.

In their regular season match up, PVGNE took the victory, even without leading scorer and MVP candidate Joshua Linson. At the same time, KC was missing a few pieces as well. So though it probably felt good for PVGNE, this wasn't necessarily the revenge they were looking for.

Save for tonight, both teams will be fully rostered (we think), and we'll get to witness another great Finals.

PVGNE is once again the favorite, as they cruised through the regular season, and prevailed in some close games. As a team, they've played well, and they're consistent in what they bring. AKA, they have an identity, and it's served them well.

Kingdom Come on the other hand didn't have as smooth a road, and they've struggled to play together on both ends. We've seen glimpses of what they can do, but it hasn't been consistent. At points during the regular season, they fell as low as 6th in the standings.

On a match up basis, PVGNE will have an easier time scoring. Compare them to the Warriors, with their ball movement and multiple threats, they score with ease in both the half court and in transition.

Kingdom Come will need to bring the defense, as they don't score well when they are scored on. Their keys to victory rely on defensive stops and transition buckets.

Who's taking it?

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