New season now; regular season a thing of the past


CHAMPIONS, TX | Playoffs Predictions

Game 1: #1 New Era (8-0) vs #4 Bulletts (2-5)
New Era will be in a BATTLE this game! Donte Mathis and Austin Mention will make their presence felt early and often in this matchup....BUT!!! Too much Jalen Battee and Eric Bolding this night and they will not be denied.

New Era 85, Bulletts 79

Game 2: #2 Alliance (5-3 vs #3 Lake Houston Live (3-4)

This will be an epic matchup in my opinion! We might see dare I say some overtime. After a back and forth affair I believe a BIG shot will be made by Anthony Nunn...I got Defending champs going back

Lake Houston Live 90, Alliance 87 OT

Championship: New Era vs Lake Houston Live

This high stakes game will also come down to wire. An unsung hero will make the play this time. I just have a strange feeling Nick Lewis will make the go ahead bucket in this nail biter! I got New Era hoisting the 🏆

New Era 85, Lake Houston Live 82