Who Will Be Crowned Champions Tonight?


WEST BLOOMFIELD 6FT & UNDER: Semifinals Predictions

By Joe Kassis | West Bloomfield League Coordinator

Showtime Ballers (4-4) vs. Goon Squad (6-2)

Goon Squad has looked like the best team in the league since Week 1 and have taken that all the way to a No. 1 seed.  They are the most dangerous offensive team left in the playoffs after Josh Isso's suspension and Anton Lucaj's team not making the playoffs.  With Isso still in the lineup, Goon Squad won this game 84-74 in the regular season fairly handily and they shouldn't have much trouble at all in the first semifinal of the night.  

Prediction: Goon Squad 81, Showtime Ballers 72

Smash Bros (5-3) vs. Butterfly Effect (5-3)

Smash Bros won both games against Butterfly Effect in the regular season in what turned out to be two of the lowest-scoring overall games the league produced.  A game in the 50s or a game in the 40s would make sense when the two best defensive teams in the league face off.  Christian Girgis and Paul Qarana were the two best offensive players for Smash Bros then and should lead them to a third straight victory over Butterfly Effect, who did not have any answers offensively when combining for just 94 points in two games against Smash Bros in the regular season. 

Prediction: Smash Bros 57, Butterfly Effect 53

Championship Game – Goon Squad vs. Smash Bros 

The best offensive team in the league versus the best defensive team in the league should matchup in the championship game.  In both matchups in the regular season, Smash Bros could not keep up with the scoring pace of Goon Squad, losing 93-82 and 68-57.  In both games, every time Smash Bros scored, Goon Squad answered, and then some.  Playing the second game of a doubleheader, Goon Squad and their offensive prowess should take home that elusive first championship for Armando Suleiman.   

Prediction: Goon Squad 75 - Smash Bros 68