Can Justice League Shut Down the Blazing Alex Kume?


SHELBY REC LEAGUE: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Mckinsey Golfin | Shelby League Coordinator

1. Dat Ain’t Fair (3-0)

DAF continues their streak after their most recent win against the Balken Brother Brand. Last week, DAF’s DeMarco Paige played a tremendous game with 45 points. DAF remains at the number-one spot in the power rankings and continues to be the only undefeated team in our Fall Season here at Shelby. We’ll see if they can continue their success this week. 

2. Goblin Skillz (2-1)

Wrapping up Week 3, Goblin Skillz secured the win against Y-Lie. Team member Brandon Barrows was hot shooting 6-9 at the 3-point line. With the close game rounding out at 74-70, Goblin Skill put up a fight to win the game. 

3. All or Nothing (2-1)

After Week 2’s loss, All or Nothing came back with the win this week against Justice League. Big man, Emmanuel Washington continues to strive by racking up 22 points, and is currently leading his team in rebounds and blocks. As they are currently tied with Goblin Skillz with a 2-1 record, we will see next week as they play each other with both teams hoping to move up this season. 

4. Y-Lie (1-2)

After a tough loss this past week against one of their longtime rivals, Y-Lie still remains at the fourth spot. Johnnie Brown continues to thrive as he drops 18 points, and currently leads his team in rebounds, assists, and blocks. Looking at the overall rankings, Y-Lie also currently leads the league in rebounds, steals, and blocks. 

5. Justice League (1-2)

Taking a look at the tough loss last week, Justice League’s players still put up a fight. Team members Dino Muhtarevic and Matt Mullins contuinue to strive with Dino having 19 points, and Matt having 17 points. Together those to lead their all throughout the charts including Dino leading in points, steals, and blocks, and Matt leading in rebounds and assists. As these two continue to dominate, we’ll see if they can lead their team to victory in the upcoming games.

6. Balkan Brother Brand (0-3)

With the slow start to the season, the talent on this team should definitely not be overlooked. Alek Kume is one of the youngest players in the league and has been nationally ranked within the top 15 for the last three weeks. This team produces some young talent that could potentially be a future threat in this league. We will see next week as they play Justice League in hopes to achieve their first win of the season. 

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