Let the fall season begin


GREEN VALLEY REC: Week 1 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

The Industry vs. Artsakh

The Industry opens the fall season after losing the title game to the Dyme Pieces an expect The Industry to make it back to the title game for the third season in a row. They will have all of their key pieces back from the summer season and expect Marciano Brunette to make a solid impact early in the season. This team makes smart shots, takes control of the game early and often and executes quality fundamental basketball. GM Derek Adkins must be proud of his guys for making another trip to the title game and will have his group ready for this game.

Brenden Graves has brought in a new team in the Artsakh's and by the looks of their size, they should compete this season. Devon Sansone is another familiar face that Graves brought along and hopefully he can become a key difference maker. One guy that Graves brought along that looks promising is Harry Goumroian as he's listed as 6'3 and 215 pounds. He'll most likely go against Brunette down low and it will be a battle all game long. Based on The Industry's success and quality group, they're the convincing favorites.

Prediction: The Industry -10.5

Houdini vs. Diplomats

Just like the Artsakh's, Patrick Guerrero brought together a team known as the Diplomats. Guerrero will be a guy that teams will guard like crazy, but teams can't sleep on big-man Andrew Power. He bounced around in the Rec league last season and averages double figures in boards. Another guy that Guerrero recruited is Shaun Delagarza. He's a quality point guard and sets the tone of the game.

Of course Houdini brought back a lot of guys and will be a top-five team this season. Co-MVP Charlie Farber and Guerrero will probably try and stop each other throughout this one and expect Farber to keep up with Guerrero. In fact, Farber would be totally fine going up against anyone in this league. Michael Carboni will look for his threes, Josh Rollans will grab rebounds from left to right and Danny Lee will find the open man for a Houdini win.

Prediction: Houdini -12

Dyme Pieces vs. Sweet "D"

The 2018 Summer champion Dyme Pieces earned the title last season and brought back every player, as well as bringing back Dylan Hansel. He played I believe one game last season and will be a key difference maker for this already strong squad. Hansel is a difference maker based on his top-notch defense, excellent shooting from distance and determination to drive to the basket when needed. Zach Dean and Marvin Campbell were two of the Dyme Pieces' best players last season as it seemed like Campbell scored 30+ points every game, while Dean seemed like he averaged 20+ rebounds per contest. Tom Gibson and Josh Ross are fine shooters and could frustrate Sweet "D" from distance.

It looks like Sweet "D" has recruited the TD Rayguns' David Farris to join the team. Farris is an excellent point guard and gets to the charity stripe often. He'll be a big-time player for this team and can take control of this game if the Dyme Pieces have trouble containing him. There's not a whole lot of 'size' on this team and perhaps Cody Howard has to try and stop the Dyme Pieces' Jim Reilly. Dylan Ellis will have his hands full as a bigger man will most likely try and stop him in transition. The champs will win this one and win big.

Prediction: Dyme Pieces -18

TD Rayguns vs. Wynners

Well well well look who the TD Rayguns recruited. GM Dominic Pedotto brought along the Buckeyes' Joe Paulk and Paul Sexton after the departure of Farris. The Buckeyes didn't have their best debut in the Rec league, so Paulk and Sexton must've be stoked when Pedotto recruited them to join along. Paulk is of course one of the best shooters from distance in all of Green Valley and Sexton can play great defense along with going on key runs. Paulk can also help from down low and grab quality rebounds. I know that Joshua Watson will have a bounce-back season and bring this team back to its winning ways. 

Co-MVP Nick Guidice was such a spark for the Wynners last season and will certainly be a spark this season. He scores at will, takes over game in and game out and manages how the game flows. Power forward Dallas Halasz needs to be careful in this game and not foul early as the TD Rayguns will most likely attack in the paint often. Angelo Giordano is a quality player for the Wynners and he needs to be a key facilitator and find the open man. Of course the TD Rayguns' main threat will be to stop Guidice and I believe they can do so for the close win.

Prediction: TD Rayguns -3.5

Free Agents vs. RudeDogs

The only familiar face that the Free Agents have is Jacob Richardson and he and the Free Agents will try to stop Daniel Orozco's RudeDogs. There's really not a whole lot to talk about in this game based on the inexperience in the Free Agents, so let's discuss the RudeDogs.

Their main weapons are D'Andre Henderson and Nick Rainey. Henderson can shoot from way downtown and play lights out on defense. Rainey isn't the best shooter but has a smooth jumper and also plays very well on defense. Ben Carey may score the most points in this one as he shoots the three-ball with ease and purity. Orozco brought in a big man and when I mean big man, I mean a very large man in 6'6, 265 pound Khalid Cannon. The former Yale offensive lineman will be a huge threat for the entire Rec league and I can't wait to see what he can do on the court. Let's see how many rebounds he'll snatch in what will be a RudeDogs win.

Prediction: RudeDogs -22.5

Lifetime Lakers vs. SUNZ

The SUNZ are another new-name team in the Rec league and since there's not a lot of to discuss with them, let's talk about the Lakers. Austin Welch was a motivator for the Lakers last season and will continue to be one this season. His speciality is of course the corner three so let's see how his shooting percentage will be this time around. Other than that, Shawn Monegan will most likely be back for the Lakers and if he is, man will he be a tough guy to defend. Let's see who else Welch brings along and I anticipate them having a solid fall season. 

Prediction: Lifetime Lakers -9