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GAITHERSBURG: Preseason Power Rankings

By Remy Primas | Gaithersburg Media Associate

1. Hampton - The unanimous preseason number-one team. Their roster alone screams out championship but as we all know it takes more than just talent to win. So we’ll have to see what they gel like on the court before we really make those types of assumptions. All in all expect them to compete with the best. 

2. Virginia Tech - Comes into the season with high hopes and plenty to offer on the basketball court. Anticipate these guys being one of the better teams as the season progresses. If they play together they might just be able to go undefeated. 

3. Strayer - Has some all stars on their team and one of the players who we won’t mention predicted that his team would be winning the championship this season. What a way to make headlines and start of the season. As long as these guys show up, I think they’ll have a chance to compete with anybody. 

4. Missouri - Most don’t know what to expect from these guys but the players on this team honestly feel as though they have all the variables to make this a dream team. Surely it won’t be easy but if they can play basketball the right way without all the distractions they should be on every teams watchlist. They’re looking to make this season one to remember.