Ether Bumps #LOYALTY for the No. 1 Spot


SAN ANTONIO: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Pat Fridley | San Antonio Media Associate

7. Pain (0-2)

Though they were missing their top draft pick, Pain erased a near 20-point deficit and lost by a mere three points. Chris Molina and Sean Evans stepped up tremendously, and Joe Snyder caused all sorts of havoc on Sicko Mode's defense once they isolated him on the block. Even in a loss, there's a little bright side. They've got Hit Em Up in Week 4. 

6. Sicko Mode (1-1)

Things were looking up for Sicko Mode in Week 3, especially at points during the first half. They enjoyed a 20-point lead at one point during the game, but once prized big-man Antuan Bootle was thrown with two techs, Sicko Mode went from "blowout mode" to "Survival Mode". They held off Pain's run just enough, but barely as they escaped with a 3-point win. Sean Dockery was excellent with the near-triple-double. They've got a tough date with Bigger Than You in Week 4, and they'll be without Antuan as well.

5. Bigger Than You (0-2)

BIG still couldn't get it right, dropping a tough one to Reasonable Doubt. On paper, they should match up well with RD, and they did for the most part. But it seemed that too many of their players tried to win the game "individually" every time the dropped a lead. Still though, they were in striking distance despite the sub-par play. They'll have a great chance at a win against an under-manned (per Brian Byers) Sicko Mode on Monday. 

4. Hit Em Up (1-1)

Off in Week 3, they have a match up with Pain in Week 4. 

3. Reasonable Doubt (2-1)

RD has steadily climbed the power rankings in the first few weeks of the season. Literally starting at the bottom (because of salary). They took great offense to that, and have since been on a tear. Their 39-point win against Sicko Mode got people talking, but their stellar play against Bigger Than You got people noticing. Their biggest question was "can they play together?". It seems they've answered. Their front court of Malik Harris and Travis Matthews combined for 40 points. They've got the newly dethroned #LOYALTY next.

2. #LOYALTY (2-1)

Despite solid efforts from their three guards, they fell short. Was it because they were missing big man Kevin Benitez? Sharp shooter AP? Or were they just out-played? They probably weren't expecting the double-double outburst from Gabe Taylor off of Ether's bench as well.  Either way, that loss won't sit well with this team. They've got a tough one against Reasonable Doubt in Week 4.

1. Ether (3-0)

Nobody on earth is happier than Ether captain Dan Gilbert right now, we assure you. The only thing he loves more than winning, is winning against Dee Jackson. So near the midway point, his Ether team is sitting atop the rankings, both official and Power, he's beat rival DJack, and he's got a bye week following. Life is good, and Ether sure looked good in Week 3. A very well-balanced attack from the entire team, top to bottom. Timely buckets from all around, while LOYALTY was noticeably trying to prevent another outburst from DJ Dubois. That just shows that you can't focus in on just one player, this team is for real.