The Heat and Raleigh Elite Remain at the Top of the Rankings


RALEIGH: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Thomas Hunt | Raleigh League Coordinator

1. The Heat

After another dominant game from the Heats big three Chase Tyler (29 points, 4 assists), Choo Little (20 points, 23 rebounds) and Thomas Hunt (24 points, 7 rebounds) the Heat stay on top of the rankings. The Heat have started this season out extremely strong with great guard play and a post player who could be one of the most dominant players in the league. 

2. Raleigh Elite

With another hard fought win Raleigh Elite stays at the No. 2 spot. With the captain Jonathan Denson putting in 17 points, 6 assists and 2 steals and Joel Flowers adding 12 points and 5 rebounds, this team has the heart and talent to never be out of any game. 

3. Lifetime Rebels

With an extremely dominating win from beginning to end last week the Rebels jump up to the third spot on the rankings. Last week the rebels put up an amazing 54 3-pointers, knocking down 17 of them, with nine coming in the beginning of the second half by Jake and David Harris. Also as a team they pulled in 55 rebounds to completely take the other team out of the game. 

4. The Defenders

Once again this team just can’t seem to get all of their players together on the same page. At any giving moment you can see the amount of talent this team has and why they are still in the top five. But there is still hope for this team all they need is one good game and maybe two more of their teammates to show up and you they could finally get it going again. 

5. D.R.

D.R. has the experience and great post play that makes them a threat every game. Their team is built of strong 3-5 players that like to bang and use their weight to get to the basket. I’m hoping to see them recover from last weeks lost and get back in the winning. 

6. The Monstars

With the addition of Kareem Triaki the Monstars looked like the team that made a run for the title last season. For Kareem’s first game he came in looking and feeling extremely confident about what he could help this team do. I’m expecting good things for this team now that they have a guard who can do many things for them. 

7. Unsigned Hype

Has all the talent they need to win but just can’t figure it out right now. With last season’s MVP Kyle Adams putting up another 20-plus point game. Given the way this team shoots the 3-ball, if they can figure whatever it is out, they should be able to turn the season around. 

8. Kings

I’m not sure what happened with this team last week. After playing with only five players the first game they seemed to be a force. But once the rest of the players showed up this past week they looked completely out of it. Hopefully they will be able to turn everything around and get a win this week.