Pink Flamingos back to a Familiar Spot


FORT WORTH: Week 3 Power Rankings

By James Jones | Fort Worth League Coordinator

Last week saw three games that were not close. However, we did have the return of the Pink Flamingos to form with reigning MVP Cody Brazelton and 7-footer Chad Rhyhoek back in action. LT Colleyville had another dominating performance to move to 2-0. So how did last week shake up the power rankings? 

1. LT Colleyville (2-0)

This should be no shocker as they are the only undefeated team left. They have had two blow-out wins and have yet to have their full squad. So all things are pointing in the favor for a successful season. Newcomer this week Beau Muhlbach had an eye-opening start to his season with 23 points, 11 rebounds, 6 steals. Demond Mallet may be starting to put together an MVP run as he leads the lead in scoring through two games with a 36 ppg average. 

2. Pink Flamingos (1-1)

The return of their two bigs make the world of difference. Neither Cody Brazelton nor Chad Rhyhoek had dominating performances but they were both impactful enough to will their team to victory and help the Birds fly high once again. They will have to take it one game at a time, but I am sure they are already looking forward to a rematch with LT Colleyville with their full team. 

3. Ball Don't Lie (1-1)

With the log jam of 1-1 teams, they get this coveted third-place spot due to this week's win. I am pretty sure this is the highest team point total for a single game for Lamont Stokes, Sean Thomas, Danny Garcia, and Pierre Tompkins. Without a doubt, it was their largest winning point differential of any game they have played in. Add in Pierre Tompkins best game since joining the league and for this week third is all theirs. 

4. Rough Riders (1-1)

They had the closest margin of defeat this week, which gives them the slight edge of the bottom three. Their big men additions did slow down the affect of the Flamingos' Bigs but not enough to come out victorious. Dominique Burnett had his worst production in his time in the league as he failed to hit double-digit scoring for the first time. History says that is not the norm and he will bounce back. James Mauro had a nice game last week with a double double with 14 and 11 respectively. 

5. Pine Riders (1-1)

This team may have just slightly missed their big man presence in Week 1 Player of the Week, Dwayne McDonald. Would he have helped? Yes, without a doubt, but he doesn't make up a 40-point blowout. It also didn't help that they lost Mike Majdeski to a dislocated finger five minutes into the game. Bottom line, no excuses, they got their butts beat by a better team. 

6. HFTC (0-2)

This team surprised us with the third highest point total in week one but followed it up the lowest in the league so far this season in Week 2. You are not going to beat many teams or even have a chance to win when you shoot 23 percent overall as a team. No player other than Brian Butterweck (46 percent) shot better than 30 percent for the game. Tough to be competitive when the ball isn't going in the hole. Based on stats and production, this team might want to feed Butterweck a lot more. They will pick up a little help with the addition of shooting guard, Malcolm Smith, who is a league returner from last season. 

This week is a new week and another chance to jockey your team's position in the power rankings. See you on the court!