Marvel Heroes Showcase their Talents to Open the Draft League

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GREEN VALLEY DRAFT: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

1. Ironman (1-0)

Ironman played one heck of a game against a big Captain America team as Ironman won 101-61. Sean Watkins is back and boy did he deliver as he scored a game-high 24 points shooting 8-10 from downtown.

J.J. Todd and Angel Castro certainly helped Watkins get open and they played very well running the offense and Todd got eight assists while Castro earned seven. Castro also got himself 16 points going 3-5 from downtown. Point guard Bernard Preston also had a heck of a game scoring 23 points on an impressive game-high 16 rebounds. Mark Seigel put up 14 huge points while Roberto West had 13. This team has to be at the top of the rankings and let's see how long they'll stay up here. 

2. Hulk (1-0)

How about Ben Carey of Hulk scoring a league-high 48 points in Hulk's 95-84 win against Thor. He went 10-18 from downtown and shot 53% from the field. Something must've clicked with Carey, perhaps it was the inner Hulk in him.

Others to help out were Daniel Bower scoring 15 points as well as Marcus Wilson scoring 14. Lamont Harris Jr. doesn't normally score in double figures but the shooting guard got himself 11. Wait until Sam Earl and Ben Simmons show up for Hulk, man will this be quite the team.

3. Spiderman (1-0)

Great job by Spiderman to stop Stefan Hanania and Anthony Livingston as Spiderman was too much for Black Panther, winning 74-59. Vance Randall was aggressive, clutch and full of energy as he scored a team-high 21 points, making five shots from distance. Charlie Farber shot 67 percent from the field and poured down 17 points.

Edwin Urbina was Mr. Facilitator as he got 10 assists as well as 14 boards. This team can make a push at the top of the standings if everyone contributes somewhat in every game. Everyone has their own special talents and I'm looking forward to see how this team does the rest of the season.

4. Black Panther (0-1)

The duo of Anthony Livingston (25 points) and Eric Redaux (22 points, 17 rebounds in his Ultimate Hoops debut) had some big-time stats, but it was all for not as Spiderman was victorious, defeating Black Panther by 15 points. They didn't get to the free throw line enough and must do so next time if they want to make it a close game. Hanania grabbed 11 rebounds and scored eight points and I know he will do better next week.  

5. Thor (0-1)

Juan Carter's 35 points weren't enough as Thor fell to Hulk by 11 points. He made an impressive 11 threes and also grabbed 10 rebounds and 10 assists, good enough for a triple-double. I'm sure Hulk's size and speed got the best of Thor. Dominic Pedotto had a great performance scoring 18 points on 10 boards while Evan Hunt got himself 11 points. Without Kodiak Yazzie, it's going to be tough to get big-time wins and this team must have enough energy top to keep up with teams.

6. Captain America (0-1)

Captain America shot 37% from the field and struggled to find answers in their 40-point loss to Ironman. Kenny McNeil scored a team-high 20 points on six made threes while Mike Smiljanic put up 14 point shooting 67% from the field.

They were out-rebounded and out-hustled all game long and I know this team is capable of shooting the ball better. If McNeil and Kerry Knoll go back and forth drilling threes, this could be a dangerous team.It was there first game as a group and they should bounce back sooner rather than later.