Who will Exit Week 2 Undefeated?


RALEIGH: Week 2 Predictions

By Thomas Hunt | Raleigh League Coordinator

The Kings vs. The Monstars

Each team will be looking to pick up their first win of the season. The Kings fought hard last week but fell a little short in the end. The Monstars just never really seemed to be mentally in the game. With a week to regroup and get some runs together, I hope to see them keep their heads in the game and play hard. 

Prediction: The Kings

The Heat vs. D.R.

After a hard-fought victory, the Heat look to continue to ride the hot hand of Chase Tyler to help get the win over D.R. This D.R. team is truly a force to be reckoned with. With the amount of experience and heart this team has it’s not hard to see them pulling this win off. 

Prediction: The Heat

Lifetime Rebels vs. Unsigned Hype 

With both teams coming off tough losses I have no doubt that both teams will bring their A game. This is the first matchup between the two former champs. And Unsigned Hype seems pretty confident that they will be able take home the win. But I wonder if they can contain the Rebels brother duo and big man or if the Rebels can keep up with the pace Unsigned Hype likes to play at. 

Prediction: Lifetime Rebels 

Raleigh Elite vs. Defenders

With Raleigh Elite coming off of a buzzer beater win last week I want to see if they can carry that momentum on and continue to win. With Jonathan Denson leading the way, this team has the toughness to never be out of a game. The Defenders knocked off the defending champs last week and I can honestly say I was shocked. I knew this team could be special, but we all were treated to a great show. The athleticism of this team alone is something to make the opposing team sweat. 

Prediction: The Defenders 

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