The Birds Look to Take Flight against the Rough Riders

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FORT WORTH: Week 2 Predictions

By James Jones | Fort Worth League Coordinator

The Vegas odd makers made a killing last week as my picks were dead on. But just like the old saying "A blind squirrel gets a nut every once in a while", everyone gets lucky. So here are this week's picks and your team’s chance to prove me wrong. 

7 p.m. - Pink Flamingos (0-1) vs. Rough Riders (1-0) 

This will be a matchup similar to last season’s championship game. It will be the almost all-guard lineup of the Rough Riders vs. the interior presence of the Pink Flamingos. My reliable sources have said the Birds' post players Cody Brazelton and Chad Rykhoek are expected to be there and that makes a huge difference. The Rough Riders will struggle to matchup with the Birds in the post, but the roles reverse on the perimeter as the Pink Flamingos will struggle with the more athletic and quick guard play of the Rough Riders. I expect this to be close. I think the Rough Riders picked up enough in Will Sweeney and James Mauro to slow down The Birds' Twin Towers just enough.  

Prediction: Rough Riders 76, Pink Flamingos 71

8 p.m. - LT Colleyville (1-0) vs. Pine Riders (1-0)

Both teams come in undefeated after Week 1 victories. Colleyville had possibly their best player, Capri Davis, out last week and added a new player this week as they were undermanned and still pulled the blowout with only five guys. The Pine Riders are rumored to be without Week 1 Player of the Week, Dwayne McDonald, who is a pure force both offensively and defensively in the lane. If that stands true, it will hurt the Pine Riders chances. Colleyville is faster and more athletic and that could play a role. 

Prediction: LT Colleyville 82, Pine Riders 73

9 p.m. - Ball Don't Lie (0-1) vs HFTC (0-1)

An early battle of winless teams. I could see this one being close, but I do think Ball Don't Lie has a little more talent and a slight edge. The matchup problems for HFTC will be covering both Lamont Stokes and Carl Granger at the same time. If you stick Brian Butterweck on one, who covers the other? I think Colin Wiley can match well with anyone on Ball Don't Lie's perimeter. An interesting matchup will be point guard Victor Manta vs point guard Pierre Tompkins, both similar height and game. 

Prediction: Ball Don't Lie 70, HFTC 61

Prove me right or prove me wrong, either way, see you on the court!