New Faces, Same League

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CHARLOTTE: Preseason Power Rankings

By Justin Polley | Charolette League Coordinator

A lot of new faces make this season totally “UP IN THE AIR” as to who is the best team in the league. Back in the gym after a month and half of lay off from summer hoops, and still each team seems poised to make a run at the Fall Draft League crown. The defending champs, Warriors, are back but with a revamped lineup. Many are “chomping at the bits” to get a piece of them. I am here to provide my preseason power rankings, and get everyone ready for Wednesday evening tip-off.

1. Team Nets

My preseason favorite has a lot of the same faces that helped led the Warriors to the summer championship, but now will be the faces of the Nets franchise. Led by GM, Ozzie Sanchez, and second-round pick, Allan Beckwith. This Nets team has a very strong inside presence and balanced outside shooting attack, which should cause a lot of teams fits. The brother connection of Allan and Landon Beckwith, may be the key to this teams championship aspirations, but Ozzie Sanchez and Jason Stark are no strangers to the UH either. Experience will be what carries this team throughout the season.

2. Team Warriors

GM, Ali Waheed loses a lot of familiar faces from the championship team in the summer, but like the old saying goes, “you have to beat the man, to be the man.” This is the case on why the Warriors come in at #2 in the Fall Draft League power rankings. New faces are abundant on this team, so a lot of unknown is still to be figured out, but acquiring Jack Maus & Zuriel Overby in the draft could prove to be a great scoring punch. Pair those two with the smooth flowing Ali Waheed, and I believe this team can keep the turnovers down and grind out a lot of wins this season.

3. Team Lakers

Size an experience are plentiful for this team. The Lakers’ GM, Tim Hartman, selected four of his six draft picks from last year’s league lineup. Bakari Sellers (6’5) and Senyo Fudzie (6’4) bring the size, while Tim Hartman and Chris Northrop bring experience/energy, which should prove very valuable for this team.

4. Team Heat

Scoring will be abundant with this team because of Jerome Lynch and Rishawn Brown’s ability to get to the basket. If Lynch can get solid play out of his three through seven players, we could be talking about a late postseason run for the Heat.

5. Team Knicks

This team and their GM love being considered the underdogs. Valentine Jackman hopes to once again take his Knicks franchise to the championship game like he did in the Summer League. If this team hopes to have any success they will be relying on the shooting ability of Theo Hunter and post play of Andre Procope (6’10). I look for this team to hold teams down defensively, but struggle to score, which could make for a successful or very long year (only these guys will decide that one).