Big-Time Matchups in Week 2

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GREEN VALLEY REC: Week 2 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Wynners (0-1) vs. The Industry (1-0)

This is going to be a stellar game as The Industry face the Wynners as we'll see a plethora of scorers and big-time stats in this one. The Wynners lost last week to the surging TD Rayguns while The Industry crushed Artsakh. The key for The Industry is to of course stop Nick Guidice from scoring early and often. The point guard is so quick, agile and has a smooth jump shot.

One of the Wynners' newest weapons is Brenton Van, who scored 31 points in his Ultimate Hoops debut last week. What the Wynners somewhat lacked last season was rebounding and Van will help the Wynners this season in that category as the 6'0 forward grabbed 12 boards last week. Matthew Darcel is a three-point weapon that The Industry can't sleep on and I expect them to stop him from downtown.

The Industry were missing a couple of guys last week and even if they're without Terrance Cress, Angelo DiPietro and Andreas Vasiliu, they have plenty of weapons to pick from. Watch out for GM Derek Adkins to try and contain Guidice all game long and make smart, timely plays. Adkins is one of the smartest players in the league and can do it all. I would like to see Joseph Soto and Riccon Buckles attack at the Wynners bigger guys and draw some key fouls. Marciano Brunette will be the Wynners' biggest threat and Van may have his hands will in guarding him. I simply like what The Industry brings to the table at this point in the season as they'll be the favorites.

Prediction: The Industry -7.5

Diplomats (1-0) vs. SUNZ (0-1)

How about the Diplomats taking care of business last week against Houdini? Patrick Guerrero may have something cooking here as his Diplomats will face the SUNZ. Guerrero brought in some big-time players to make this team contenders. Andrew Power is a big-man that every team could use and he's also a decent shooter too. Jo Ash Atienza was a difference maker last week as he scored 18 points and the SUNZ better watch out for him in this one. He's going to be a quality player for the Diplomats this season and I expect him to score in double figures for the duration of the season.

Jonhston Daniels was also a big pick up from Guerrero and as well as sharp-shooter Shaun Delagarza. The SUNZ's and Dallas Wilkinson must out-rebound the bigger larger Diplomats or else it's going to be a long night. Wilkinson can't be the only to grab double figures in rebounds. Jacob Bodine needs to shoot better from downtown and take timely shots. I just can't see the bigger Diplomats losing this one, not yet.

Prediction: Diplomats -9

Houdini (0-1) vs. TD Rayguns (1-0)

Wow, what a matchup. Houdini and the TD Rayguns. What's it going to take for both teams to get the job done? Hoduini relied on the three-ball last week while the TD Rayguns played big and strong last time around. I can't see Houdini play with only six guys, not with the who's stepping foot on the floor. They normally carry a heavy bench and if they are indeed going with the six guys they have, it's going take a lot of fight and willpower for them to get some top tier wins.

Regardless of that, they do have quality players, most notably Charlie Farber and Michael Carboni. The duo are fine shooters and go on big runs all the time. Power forward Josh Rollans is a rebounding force that has strength, tenacity and a will to win. I know that Brandon Farber can score from downtown, but he must be confident in his shots when he's guarded. Danny Lee can run in transition very well and is going to have to play exceptionally well on defense and try and stop the TD Rayguns' Oliver Erickson and company. Speaking of the TD Rayguns, this is going to be a special team this season. They're already better then they were last season and I'm excited to see how they fare. The duo of Joe Paulk and Joshua Watson will be a dynamic duo for the rest of the season. Both will score in double figures and both will grab multiple rebounds all the time. I really like what Gerald Meggett brings to the table and expect him to be a facilitator in this one. Of course GM Dominic Pedetto will make tough shots down low and be a motivator for his men. 

Prediction: TD Rayguns 4.5

Dyme Pieces (1-0) vs. Lifetime Lakers (1-0)

The defending champion Dyme Pieces will face Shawn Monegan's Lifetime Lakers in what will be a physical, fast-paced game. These two teams are arguably the fastest teams in the league and you may have to stretch your neck by the time this game is over. Some of the notable speedsters from the Dyme Pieces are Dylan Hansel, Zach Dean, Marvin Campbell and Josh Ross.

For the Lakers, it's Monegan, Austin Welch and Chris Mellor. The guy that needs to have a stellar game for the Lakers is Mellor as he's agile and maneuvers around so well. If the Dyme Pieces foul  Mellor often, he can certainly make his free throws as he's averaging a career 72 percent from the charity stripe. Hopefully the Lakers bring back Alex Epstein for his first game with the Lakers as he can rebound and back down defenders very well in the paint.

For the Dyme Pieces, what's not to like about them? They have a handful of guys that has so many different aspects in them it's crazy. Tom Gibson can shoot from Curry range, Dean is a beast all over the court, Ross is electric in transition and Hansel is probably one of the best defenders in the league, if the all of Green Valley (he can also make clutch shots). Jim Reilly can't not be mentioned as the center surpassed the 400 block plato last week, blocking a combined six shots in the Rec and Vet B league. He's also just eight points shy of reaching 2,000 career points and will get to the mark in this one. GM Nick Lombardo had a fine performance last week grabbing nine boards on six points and three assists. Lombardo surely has the best unit in the league and it's  going to show in this one as the Dyme Pieces will win and show the Lakers why they're the defending champs. 

Prediction: Dyme Pieces -11.5

Artsakh (0-1) vs. RudeDogs (1-0)

The RudeDogs' Gm Dan Orozco brought in a secret weapon to the RudeDogs in former Yale offensive lineman Khalid Cannon. The Alabama native is a big boy at 6'6, 265 pounds, a recipe for disaster for guys trying to stop him. They also brought back another 'big' man in sharp-shooting D'Andre Henderson, who scored 22 points in the RudeDogs' win last week against the Free Agents.

Ben Carey and Adam Rellah will be tough for Artsakh to stop as they're electric all the time from downtown. I want to see Nick "Beam" Rainey wreck havoc on Artsakh and shoot for accuracy. Haroutuin Massoyan of Artsakh found out first-hand what Ultimate Hoops is all about as they scored the fewest points of any team last week. He did manage to make five treys, but the team only made 18 shots, shooting 27 percent from the field. This needs to change and change now. Devon Sansone and Mark Trevino can go on a run if they first find the open man and also don't be afraid to take the open shot. Cannon is going to have another big-time game for the RudeDogs and Rainey will also be a difference maker for the win.

Prediction: RudeDogs -13

Free Agents (0-1) vs. Sweet "D" (0-1)

Craig Sutter and the Free Agents will square off against Sweet "D" (the baseball guys). Sutter made it a game against the RudeDogs last week, scoring a game-high 26 points. His men took way too many threes last week and need to try and go inside more. However, Sweet "D" has some fine defenders, most notably from Cody Howard. He grabbed an impressive 18 boards against the bigger Dyme Pieces last week and I expect him to grab even more this time around.

Kenny Oakley played a great game in his Ultimate Hoops debut as the Colorado Rockies prospect knows how to play this game at an efficient level. Watch out for him and Howard to get some clutch put-backs and rack up a ton of stats. David Farris will challenge the Free Agents to attack inside, but Farris has some nice-looking moves he brings to he table. Sweet "D" will bounce back from last week and win this one without a doubt. 

Prediction: Sweet "D" -10