Arsenal Firing on All Cylinders to Start the Season


AUSTIN: Week 2 Power Rankings

By K. Scott | Austin League Coordinator  

After a rough week of finalizing rosters and uniforms, we are back in session. The league is packed with a lot of talent and there are now eight teams vying for a championship banner. It’s officially on!

1. Arsenal (1-0)

Arsenal looked really good against one of the better teams in the league. What’s scary is that Pat Perkins didn’t play. Kris Clack looks like he has his legs back and their new players can be starters on other teams.

2. N.U.K. (1-0)

This team looked good this week. Jordan Jahr is back and they looked like they didn’t miss a beat without big Russ. A.D. is healthy and the cast is all locked in. They are definitely still title contenders.

3. Lifetime Elite (1-0)

Same old Lifetime Elite. Really efficient, excellent ball movement, and great execution down the stretch. Oh yeah, and they have B. Todd! 

4. Team Finesse (1-0)

Team Finesse was short-handed and a little unorganized, but still pulled out the win. This is a very athletic team. They are only going to get better. We heard they also picked up a big man.

5. The Blaze (0-1)

Once they get their chemistry. They will be okay. Too much talent here not to.

6. Professors (0-1)

The Professors typically start slow. They will play better, but it seems like they need more piece. The team looks like age is finally catching up to them. Darien Tealer definitely needs to shoot more.

7. Heat (0-1)

The Heat are much better, but it wasn’t enough this week. Some old habits came to bite them late in their first game. Bad substitutions and poor shot selection down the stretch. They have to win early in this season since they will be losing some of their star power later on.

8. Shots Fired (0-1)

They were short-handed this week, so there is still more to see before we can make a real assessment. Wan Trice looked really good as a starter. The one thing we know for sure is that they need a big man.

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