Let’s Get This Bag


PALM VALLEY: Fall Season Preview

By Chris Walker | Arizona Regional Coordinator

It’s Fall in Palm Valley, and with GOAT Vinnie Thepsourinthone getting us warmed up Saturday with some predictions, let’s take a quick peek at some of the big things in store for Fall:


HitMen Reunited - After a Summer season split, the first for the collective crew, Adam Hamilton, Daniel Thomas, and Manning Watts are officially reunited.  The last two seasons this trio was together, they made back-to-back Final Four appearances, and they seem, no matter the rest of the squad, to have magic in their corner.  Adam went and sniped longtime pal (and lights out shooter) Skyler Laird, along with perhaps the only defender active in the state on his level in KJ Davis.  Magic may be in the works again for Fall.

West Side Wolves Back Out West - 4/5 of a core that nearly took down Open juggernauts Ball So Hard, Quiet Storm, and Str8 Ballin just a year or so back, somehow, Tyler Gibbs, Sean Boston, and company have gotten back together and are back with a vengeance.

Donald Lair, MVP? - That may be a stretch, but it’s great to see the OG sneak his way back into the Draft, representing for the originals of the Palm Valley club (and all legit ball on the west side).  Jason Jefferson is a believer at least, scooping him up and flagging Pooh as a key starter.  Time to shine my man.

Eastside Crossover - There’s been talk for seasons of guys from the East Side being unwilling to venture out to PV, but this season, we’re finally seeing some hoopers rise to the occasion, as Tristan Patrick (Scottsdale, Tempe) and James Pupillo (Gilbert) join Gabe Cunningham as transplants to the West.  We’ll see how they stack up starting tonight.

Key Questions

Can Summer phenom Shawn Scott live up to #1 overall pick status?

How quickly does Isaiah Lopez, who dominated the league a few seasons back, return to form? Rehabbing a leg injury, he’s a prime sleeper.

Can Darrylon Lane approach his Single-Game Draft record 35 assists anytime soon?

Fresh off a literal $25K shot earlier this week, what does statistician turned state legend Kameron Holland have in the bag next?

Who you got for MVP, Defensive POTY, etc this season, and will a loaded PV finally reclaim the banner?  Let us know!

Best of luck to everybody this season, and we’ll see you all tonight for opening night!