New Fall Lineup


PALM VALLEY: Preseason Power Rankings 

By Vinnie Thepsourinthone

We are back at it, folks! That smell in the air, that’s the smell of a new season of great PV basketball. We have an over-abundance of talent coming out to play this season in the West Valley, and I am here to provide my preseason power rankings to add a little fuel to your fire for Sunday; let’s get to it.

 1. Team Tyler

My preseason favorite right here…Tyler always knows what pieces to put around him it seems. This season he adds his guy Sean Boston, who returns to PV. Nnamdi Hope-Ezeigbo and George Holloway Jr. have shown the capability of exploding offensively. This team is going to provide a ton of offensive production, and smart, high IQ play with talent spread across this lineup.

2. Team Eric

Really depends on how serious Lavione West was on Facebook with his comments about not drafting him. Was he trying to throw off opponents? Eric doesn’t seem to think so, and with the second-overall pick, Eric believes that Lavione is his best option to getting his team a ‘ship this season. Let’s not forget about the rest of the squad in DJ Hamilton, Daisjion Draper, and Chanz Walton. These guys have done serious damage in past seasons, and could be bad news for opposing teams.

3. Team Adam

Scary lineup, as always when you have the trio Adam Hamilton, Daniel Thomas, and Manning Watts. These guys are pretty much inseparable in this league, and every season are contenders. Add in first-round pick KJ Davis, and second-round pick Skyler Laird, I’m expecting some magic to happen on the court Sunday.

4. Always Reppin

We will see how former first pick Alan Mitchell does this season as captain. With some well-rounded talent, and guys who know their roles, this could be a scary team to match up against. Isaac Moore is a cannonball when attacking the rim. James Pupillo from the east side joins West Valley play and will look to run the point for this team. Tristan Patrick is a great deep shooter on any team (and a nice shoe game), and is a nice luxury this season for Alan who typically does work in the post. They will definitely be a team to watch.

5. X

Another tough team with offensive and defensive talent. Travis Payton can do it all on both ends of the floor, and Xavier was able to snag OG Darryl Brewer to his lineup this season. There will definitely be some bruisers this season, and I like their chances as a sleeper in the state tournament.

6. Team Jason

With the first-overall pick in Shawn Scott, who did WORK last season in his limited games, Jason looks to bounce back from a rough last season. With some solid pieces in Kasey Ruiz, Donald Lair, Gabe Cunningham, Cory Woods, and Josue Ramirez, I expect this team to be a tough and scrappy every game.

7. Team Frank

Picked up the only true center in Jacque Collins, and added everyone’s favorite teammate, Darrylon Lane with his first pick, coming back from a season off. I’m on this team, as well, so it can’t be that bad, right? Frank could be onto something with this group of guys…but we will see.

 Good luck to all teams on opening night!