Rebels Take the Top Spot after Hornets Disband


BLOOMINGTON SOUTH: Preseason Power Rankings

By Ken Farmer | Bloomington South League Coordinator

1. Rebels

The Rebels have been runner-ups the past two seasons and are poised for another big year. They are a balanced team offensively with point guard Dustin DuPont running the show. Sharpshooter Cody Heinz can fill it up from outside and Ryan McGuire is a tough cover that can score inside and out. The Rebels are a tough team to score on with one of the best defenders in Ryan Jansen and Paul Ferber anchoring the paint.

2. Guerrillas

The Guerrillas were one of the top scoring teams in the league last season and are routinely among the league’s best on the offensive end. They always rank among the best in the league in assists per game, which is a product of their spacing and ball movement. Bryant Marmol has a deadly outside shot and his penetration off-the-dribble draw defenders, leaving shooters like Izzy Elkaffas and big man Ahmed Helmy open for three’s. Chris Maher is one of the best pure scorers in the league and will command double teams when he gets it going.

3. Aardvarks

A few of the players from the defending-champion Hornets squad banded together to form the Aardvarks. As with all new teams, it’s tough to measure how good this team will be, but their potential is sky high. Adam Hoven is dynamite on the offensive end and makes life easier for his teammates with his ability to pass the ball. Chris Kampmeyer is one of the beneficiaries of Hoven’s dishing and can put up points with his knack for cutting to the rim as well as knocking it down for outside. Tom Hoistad has one of the sweetest strokes in the league and cannot be left open.

4. Muskies

The Muskies are consistently one of the top shooting teams and can be found ranked among the best in all the three-point categories. They have snipers all over the court, such as Sonny Young-Graves and Kevin Mayer. Young-Graves can knock it down from anywhere on the court. Casey Schannauer can stretch the floor from the forward position and is a consistent presence on the boards.


THEM had a disappointing post-season in the Summer season, but a strong regular season would suggest there’s some more success ahead of them. Devin Stensrude was one the league’s top scorers and will be a leader on the offensive end once again. Quintin Brown has outstanding court vision and consistently knocks down his mid-range jumper. Sam Hanson is one of the best vertical player in the league and his rebounding is a huge boost for this team.

6. Lightning

The Lightning are another new squad that can make some noise in the league. Jake Gave, previously of the Hornets, is one of the league’s top finishers at the rim and has shown he can score in bunches. Chuck Harvey can catch fire from outside and has the ability to pour in baskets from beyond the arc. We’ll see how quickly they can gel as a team, but they certainly could be a force to be reckoned with.

7. Loons

The Loons will be back after taking a season off. They are always near the top in points against and give teams difficulty with their toughness on the defensive end. They rarely give up easy baskets and hold teams well below their average field goal percentage. Tom Anderson’s motor is always running and his energy translates into points in the paint. Mike Ratelle is a playmaker on the offensive end and Brian Anderson can knock it down from beyond the arc.

8. Red Devils

Last season, the Red Devils’ playoff run ended in the semi-finals and they will surely be eager for more post-season success this season. The regular season was rough for the Red Devils, who had some bad luck along the way to just two victories. But they banded together in the playoffs and showed they’re capable of beating anyone. Luke Bruun has long been a leader on the offensive end and is a versatile scorer. Alex Riley was a key distributor and many of his passes led to Red Devil baskets. Lance Strom is helps spread the floor with his shooting and is a crafty with his left hand in the paint.

9. Player’s Club

The Player’s Club have some notable offensive players that present a challenge to defenses. Tony DeBoer was one of the league leaders in points per game last season and his three-point shooting ignites this offense. Teams will have to be wary that he doesn’t catch fire when they’re facing the Player’s Club. Gene Perry and Keith Ford are two wing players that are tough on the defensive end and spread the floor offensively.