Lifetime Rebels and Raleigh Elite Headline Opening Night.


RALEIGH: Week 1 Predictions

By Thomas Hunt | Raleigh League Coordinator

Unsigned Hype vs. Defenders

The league kicks off with defending champions Unsigned Hype facing the Defenders. Unsigned Hype likes to push the pace and shoot from deep. The Defenders just may be athletic enough to keep up with the pace but can they put up the points. 

Prediction: Unsigned Hype

Lifetime Rebels vs. Raleigh Elite

We have the Lifetime Rebels taking on Raleigh Elite. Team captains Mo Niasse (LR) and Jonathan Denson (RE) requested to play each other the first game of the season and from that point on it has been nonstop trash talk. This is our game of the week and I can’t wait to sit back and watch it. 

Prediction: Lifetime Rebels

Heat vs. Kings

In the third game of the night we have the Heat going up against the Kings. The Heat have brought back all their key players and even added a few this team could be trouble if they can all get on the same page. The Kings come back this season revamped with a completely new roster which little is known about their players. But I expect them to put up a great fight out there tonight. 

Prediction: The Heat

Monstars vs. D.R.

The last game of the night has the Monstars taking on D.R. The Monstars return this season after a shocking run through the playoffs. D.R. is another new team to the league this year I’m not exactly sure what to expect from them. But after talking to the team captain these guys feel like they can beat any team in the league. 

Prediction: D.R.