Treating Average Joes like pros since 2006. Join America’s top recreational basketball league.

» Open to all skill levels, 18 years or older

» $89-$119 per player, per season depending on region. Save $10 by registering early.

» 8 regular season games, 1 game per week, plus playoffs.

» Must be a Life Time member to play

» Must purchase and wear official Ultimate Hoops reversible jersey.

» Register as a team or free agent. Minimum of 7 players per team.

Enjoy full stats for every game. Compare your performance against thousands of players across America.


What days and times are games played?

Most leagues operate on weeknights. You can view specific days and times by scrolling down to upcoming leagues.

Where do I find schedules, scores, stats and my player profile?

All of the above can be found on our stats and schedules pages.

Do I have to be really good to play?

No! We welcome all skills levels to play in our leagues. We offer different types of leagues to ensure the competition is balanced.

Read our Official League Rules.

Where can I find the official league rules?

You can find our official league rules on our stats and schedule pages.

I don't have a team. Can I still play?

Yes! We have a Free Agency option that allows you to be placed on an existing team or a team of other free agents. Contact us to let us know what league you are interested in joining.

When & where are games played?

All league games are played at Life Time on their professional-quality basketball courts.

When do leagues run?

Winter Season January - March

Spring Season April - June

Summer Season July - September

Fall Season October - December

How can I view photos, videos and other content?

Join one of our Facebook Groups to view content related to your league.




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New Jersey

New York

North Carolina


San Antonio



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