Hall of Fame Selection Process

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Committee made up of members from across Ultimate Hoops nation. (21 voters across 13 regions in 2018)

  • Regions qualify for representation after three years of Ultimate Hoops league activity
  • Regions gain voters for every additional three years of activity
    • 3 years = 1 voter
    • 6 years = 2 voters
    • 9 years = 3 voters
    • 12 years = 4 voters
  • Each voter receives a three nomination ballot card in January
    • Players/Contributors are eligible to become nominees after 200 Ultimate Hoops games or seven years of service to the Ultimate Hoops experience.
  • Nominee Voting Begins: January
  • Nominees Announced: April-May
  • Inductee Voting Begins: June
  • Hall of Fame Inductee Announcment: July
  • Hall of Fame Ceremony: August 25 - New York City

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you only vote/nominate for your own region?

A: No


Q: How do I become a voter?

A: Fill out the form at the bottom of uhlife.com/HOF


Q: Can a member of the selection committee either nominate or vote for themselves?

A: No 


Q: Why am I not seeing my region represented on the committee?

A: Your region is either too young or did not submit their ballot.

2018 Hall of Fame Committee

Brandon Barkley - Dallas

Beau Barney - Colorado

Izzy Elkaffas - Minnesota

Nicole Freedman - New York

Patrick Fridley - San Antonio

Kevin Gill - Houston

Mckinsey Golfin - Detroit

Phillip Burnett - New Jersey

L.C. Comine - Las Vegas

Donald Dangmuk - Phoenix

Luke Hanlon - Minnesota

Jason Hayes - Chicago

Anthony Leo - New York

Perry Mann - New Jersey

Reid Nelson - Minnesota

Dan Orozco - Las Vegas

Kossen Scott - Austin

Dan Silver - Chicago

Chris Walker - Phoenix

Jasmin Williams - Colorado

Jovan Zamarano - Laguna