Stat Spotlight: Team Comparison Page

There is an ocean of statistical information integrated into our Leagues Website. It's what makes us different from all other Recreational Basketball Leagues in the U.S.

To help you navigate through our statistical waters, we'll start spotlighting pages which are tucked beneath the surface. If you find these type of posts valuable, we'll continue to post them.

Team Comparison Page

Looking for a team-by-team statistical comparison of every team in your league? Check out the Team Comparison Page. Each team home page has a secondary navigation located below the social media share buttons. The Team Comparison link can be found there. (Circled in red below).

The Team Comparison page compares every team in 15 statistical categories. You can sort the chart by 5 major statistical categories- Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals & Blocks. Just toggle between the tabs above the chart, in the upper left.

Alan ArltComment