The three Davis' ice the Pink Flamingos' perfect season

Josh Davis Iceman.jpg

The Pink Flamingos have been one of the most consistently successful franchises in the Fort Worth Open League since it launched in the Winter 2019 season. Entering last night’s game against the Icemen, they had a 20-5 record in three combined seasons in the open league, making it to the semifinals and championship game in the past two seasons.

They started this season 7-0, and they did it quite easily. They won six of those seven games by double digits, and all seven of those wins came by a combined average of 23.6 points. Everything was lining up for them to go undefeated heading into the playoffs next week…until they faced the Icemen.

The Pink Flamingos beat the Icemen 80-60 in Week 3, despite playing without Cody Brazelton, who’s averaging 21 points and 12.8 rebounds this season.

They played again last night and the tables turned in favor of the Icemen, as they earned a 73-68 victory.

There were a few differences that led to the change of result, with one of the main ones being the play of Josh, Jonathan and David Davis. In last night’s win, they combined to score 52 points on 42% shooting from the field and 48% from deep. That’s an improvement from the 42 combined points on 34% shooting from the field and 32% from deep.

The Icemen also locked up the Flamingos defensively, as the 68 points they scored is 20.3 fewer than their league-leading season average of 88.3. It’s no surprise, as the Icemen have the stingiest defense in the league, giving up 60.9 points per game.

The Pink Flamingos were shorthanded once again in this game, as they played without Chad Rykhoek, who averages 23.5 points per game. We’ll see if they are at full strength throughout their playoff run, as they try to win their first open league title. For their sake, they better hope they don’t run into the Icemen again on their way there.