NYC National Tournament Team Preview: Will Treys 4 Days be able to shake off last year's nightmare?

Ryan McPherson (white jersey) of Treys 4 Days

Ryan McPherson (white jersey) of Treys 4 Days

As the New York National Tournament inches closer, it’s time to dive deep into each team and evaluate their roster. Today I’ll take a look at Treys 4 Days out of New Jersey.

Projected Roster

Tim Wojcik (captain)

Andy Fleurantin

Courtney Fleurantin

Chris Hendershot

Andre Jean-Pierre

Tom Kokosinski

Brian Manzano

Brendan McManus

Ryan McPherson

Treys 4 Days are back for their second straight tournament, and they’re bringing back six players from their roster last year: Wojick, both Fleurantin’s, Hendershot, Kokosinski and McPherson. That roster finished with the 10-seed after going 0-2 with a point differential of minus-57. They had to forfeit in their play-in game on Sunday, ending their tournament in disappointing fashion. There’s nowhere to go but up for Treys 4 Days, and we’ll see if the three roster additions they make this year can help them improve.

Player to Watch

Chris Hendershot

There wasn’t a lot of positive to take away from their run last year, but Hendershot was the one exception. In the two games that Hendershot played in last year’s tournament, he averaged 19 points and 8.5 rebounds, with shooting percentage splits of 53/33/84.

Hendershot (white jersey)

Hendershot (white jersey)

He did all of this with mostly no help from Kokosinski, who pairs up nicely with Hendershot to create a formidable frontcourt. Kokosinski got hurt in the first game of the tournament and was unable to play from there on out. In the one game Hendershot played without Kokosinski, he went off for 23/5 and shot 10-15 from the field.

He’s capable of carrying an offensive burden, but if you pair him up with a healthy Kokosinski, then you create nightmare matchups in the paint and open up shooters on the perimeter. It’ll be exciting to see what these two can do together if they both stay heathy.

X Factor

Andre Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre is one of the new additions to the squad this year, and Treys 4 Days are going to need him and a few other players to produce if they are going to get past a play-in game loss.

Andre Jean-Pierre

Andre Jean-Pierre

While Jean-Pierre has never played in the New York National Tournament before, he does have national experience, as he played for Let’s Get It in the 2017 Las Vegas National Tournament. That experience did not go well for Jean-Pierre, as Let’s Get It went 0-2 in the two games he played in with a point differential of minus-70. He averaged 6.5 points and shot 24% from the field. To be fair to Jean-Pierre, New Jersey teams have never been competitive in Vegas, combining for a 1-17 record.

Jean-Pierre has been successful for the rest of his career in New Jersey, putting up a career split of 19.3/8.5/5.4 with shooting percentage splits of 53/38/73.

Those numbers won’t be attainable in the national tournament, but we’ll see if his play this year is closer to his play in New Jersey or his play in the dreadful Las Vegas tournament two years ago.

Biggest Weakness

Last Year

I mean, just look what happened last year. Treys 4 Days had the tournament from hell, with one of their best players getting injured and a few more issues that led to a forfeit. This tournament can’t go as bad as last year, but it’s the last we’ve seen from this team at a national level, so that’s all we have to go off of.

Projected Finish


This team has the pieces to put together a decent run, but with the top end talent that the top three to four teams have, I don’t see a way that this team can get to the semifinals. It was announced today that they’ll be playing Team Classic in the first game of the tournament. If they come out and win that game comfortably, it’ll completely change my perception of them.