NYC National Tournament schedule reveal: The play-in game that never was

Jay Resto (black jersey) is the captain of Team Classic

Jay Resto (black jersey) is the captain of Team Classic

Over the next 10 weekdays, we’ll be releasing the pool play schedule for the 2019 New York City National Tournament. We start with the very first game of the tournament, set to take place at 9 a.m. on Saturday, August 24.

Treys 4 Days (NJ) vs. Team Classic (MA)

This is a game that was supposed to take place last year in the play-in round, as 7-seed Classic Barbershop (rebranded as Team Classic this year) advanced via forfeit over 10-seed Treys 4 Days. The New Jersey side suffered a couple injuries during pool play and could not field a team to play a game. We’ll now get the opportunity to see the game that never was, with an important tilt to kick off the tournament.

Key Matchup

Tom Kokosinski (Treys 4 Days) vs. Zach Andrews (Team Classic)

There could be some fireworks between these two if we see them guard each other. These are two talented, productive players, but what stands out about both of them is the sheer stature of these guys. Here’s the tale of the tape:

Kokosinski – 6’8”, 265 lbs

Andrews – 6’9”, 240 lbs

Tom Kokosinski

Tom Kokosinski

These guys are absolute beasts, and there’s always going to be a chance for an electric dunk or and confidence-draining block if these two meet at the rim. Mind you, these measurements come from our website and are a few years old, but if you see either guy in person, you can throw the measurements out of the window…these guys are huge.

The most interesting part of this matchup is that these players, despite having very similar body types, have very different games. Kokosinski’s strength is offense, which comes from creating in the post, feasting off offensive boards or shooting 3s. Andrews is much more of a defensive force, shutting down any big man he faces in the paint. He can anchor a defense in the middle of the zone or shutdown an opposing offensive threat in the post, which is what Kokosinski is.

This matchup is like the Hulk fighting the Thing, and it’ll be a joy to watch.


This one is almost too close to call. There are similarities between both rosters, especially in the strength of both frontcourts, and I’d be surprised if this game is decided by more than 10 points. While I see this one going either way, I can’t be boring and not make a pick. I’ll take Team Classic by three points.