Josh McCarver is an efficiency machine

Josh McCarver?.jpg

Josh McCarver has been as efficient as an electric car over the course of his UH career, and that’s continuing across Green Valley and Summerlin this season.

McCarver’s career field goal percentage is 65.62% (rounded up to 66 on the career page), the third-best in Ultimate Hoops history (minimum 100 games played). This season, he’s shooting 64% from the field in Summerlin and 73% from the field in Green Valley, which combines for a field goal percentage of 68.23% across both leagues.

He’s coming off a 26-point, 13-rebound performance last night that helped the Villains pick up a 95-78 win in Summerlin. He shot 10-21 from the field (48%), which was his worst shooting night of the season. Across both leagues, his lowest shooting percentage before last night was a 10-15 (67%) in Green Valley in Week 2.

Shooting under 50% is not something McCarver is used to, and over the course of an entire season, it’s never happened. His worst shooting season came in the Fall of 2017, where McCarver shot 52% in the Green Valley Open League in four games. Even at national tournaments, which features the best competition Ultimate Hoops has to offer, McCarver still shines. He’s had two different tournaments where he’s shot 54%, which was his lowest output. His career average over 16 games is 64%.

He’s able to do this by using his 6’8” frame to dominate in the paint and get good looks at the basket. Over the course of his career, only 120 of McCarver’s 1,911 shots have been from beyond the arc (which is a little over 6%). We don’t have shot charts available, but if I had to guess, I’d say over 80% of his shots have come in the paint. He’s been able to convert that into three-plus years of extreme efficiency.