Lakers fan Tony Eackles Jr. "disappointed" in DeMarcus Cousins' 1-2 record

Eackles Jr. throwing down in the Las Vegas National Tournament

Eackles Jr. throwing down in the Las Vegas National Tournament

Tony Eackles Jr. plays regularly in the Green Valley and Summerlin Open Leagues in Las Vegas, putting up a career average of 22.7 points per game. He’s also been a regular in national tournaments, as he is about to play in his sixth in a row in New York this August. If you’ve been to any of the past five national tournaments, or watched them via live streams, you’ve probably seen Eackles Jr. play before. Here’s a chance to get to know more about the man behind the player.

What is the first pair of basketball shoes you ever bought?

Eackles Jr.: With my own money, Air Jordan 21s my freshmen year of high school.

What was the first concert you ever went to?

Eackles Jr.: Kendrick Lamar, TDE in Vancouver for my birthday last May. Epic.

Who is the most overrated player in Ultimate Hoops?

Eackles Jr.: Boogie Cousins, 0-2 after 2 games. As a Laker fan, Iʼm disappointed.

(Eackles Jr. submitted his answers last week, when Cousins was 0-2. He got his first win in UH last night in Summerlin).

What is your favorite sports movie?

Eackles Jr.: Love & Basketball.

What five players (active or retired) would you pick to play against the Monstars?

Eackles Jr.: Iʼm going to go active players and uninjured at this moment. I got LeBron, AD, Kawhi, Steph and Giannis. Easy.

What TV show have you binged most recently?

Eackles Jr.: Donʼt really watch TV a lot, but Power on Starz will be in rotation soon.

What is your favorite signature basketball move?

Eackles Jr.: Cross-jab dribble into a Euro step in transition. Thatʼs my favorite right now.

If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be?

Eackles Jr.: Paula Patton without question.

What is your best basketball memory?

Eackles Jr.: Winning World Title with my own team. Started everything.

If there was a movie based on your life, who would play you in the movie?

Eackles Jr.: Well since Iʼm about to take my acting career to the next level, itʼd have to be me. Woody McClain could play a younger version of me.