2019 HALL OF FAME NOMINEE: Chris Maher

Maher playing with The Originals in Fridley

Maher playing with The Originals in Fridley

Maher joins Dustin Dupont as another player from UH Minnesota to pick up a second consecutive nomination for the Hall of Fame. Maher has been a staple of Minnesota rec leagues for almost a decade, and he’s been the most consistent scorer the region has ever seen.

His 11,199 career points is the most by a player in Minnesota and third among all of UH. He’s done this by averaging 18.4 points over the course of 607 games, shooting 53 percent from the field and 43 percent from beyond the arc. He also leads Minnesota in career rebounds with 4,784, grabbing 7.9 per game in his career. He surpassed long-time national and Minnesota leader Antione Lynch last year, and he now only trails Mike Mastro for the rebounding title.

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Maher has won five championships in his career, with four of them coming in combined playoffs between the Bloomington South and Fridley rec leagues which would feature over 20 teams. Since his nomination last year, he’s added a Fridley Rec Plus championship, which he won with The Originals in the Summer of 2018.

Maher has only built on his Hall of Fame resume since getting nominated last year, increasing his scoring average and adding a fifth championship. Will this be the year he joins the likes of Ryan Jansen, Izzy Elkaffas and Paris Kyles as inductees from UH Minnesota?