Chris Fisher loves Nike...but exclusively wears Adidas shoes

Chris Fisher, wearing Adidas shoes

Chris Fisher, wearing Adidas shoes

Chris Fisher has been playing in UH Arizona since the Fall of 2010, when he played in the Scottsdale Open League for the first time. The very next season he would play with X Over for the first time and win the first of seven titles with that franchise. He’s put together one of the most successful franchises in UH history, and he clearly thinks one of their players hasn’t gotten enough credit in the past. Learn more about that and more through the 10 questions Fisher answered below.

If you could only wear one basketball brand the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

Fisher: This is a funny question! John Johnson and Wayne Pettus always give me a hard time about this. I would choose Nike except I can’t wear Nike shoes to hoop in lol. So Nike apparel and Adidas shoes

What is the first R-rated movie you saw in a theater?

Fisher: First R-rated movie I saw in theaters was Jean Claude Van Damme’s Double Impact. My grandfather was a huge Martial Arts movie guy and I grew up watching all of them.

Who is the most overrated player in the NBA?

Fisher: I am probably going to get a lot of hate for this one. Most overrated in my eyes currently in the NBA. Draymond Green! Put him on any other team and he won’t have the same success he has now.

What kind of music do you listen to before a game? What about after a win?

Fisher: Last season I had to listen to Suge by Da Baby before every game. Usually it’s rap pre game and more R&B/Hip Hop after.

If you could be on the cast of any TV show, which one would you be in?

Fisher: First TV show that comes to mind is Ballers. I love sports in general and would love to be surrounded by athletes. Also, I think Dwayne Johnson and Rob Corddry would be a fun group of guys to hangout with and have a drink with.

Which NBA player (active or retired) would you want to fight the least?

Fisher: This is easy, Ron Artest. He had a few screws loose. Artest just seemed like that guy no matter how bad he is getting stomped to the ground he would not stop and find a way to beat you.

Who is the best fictional basketball player of all time?

Fisher: Best fictional basketball player to me is a toss up between Kyle Lee Watson from Above the Rim and Sidney Deane. Everyone wanted to dribble the ball through their legs like Kyle or score like Sidney. Both had swag on and cockiness on the court. Any person who can wear what Sidney did on the court has my respect lol . ‘’We goin to Sizzler’’

Who is the most underrated player in Ultimate Hoops?

Fisher: This is an easy one for me! Most underrated player in all of UH is Wayne Pettus. Sure he got exposure this past season in the draft league but it was long over due. Wayne has elite athleticism and plays on both ends of the court. His scoring ability is overlooked due to his unselfish play and being on great teams like the 2019 Vegas National Champs X Over! You know I had to throw that in there but hands down Wayne is one of the best if not the best player I have ever played with.

Who is your dream dinner guest (dead or alive)?

Fisher: Dream dinner. Hard one, but I am going to choose Bruce Lee. Being a pioneer and breaking barriers of being a 1st generation Asian coming to the US and teaching his craft while being told not to is incredible. His work ethic and self improvement physically and mentally is a story within itself. Also, would have been a great story to tell my grandfather. I grew up watching all Bruce Lee movies with him and did martial arts most of my life because of Bruce Lee.

What NBA player would you compare your game to?

Fisher: I would like to think it’s more like an older Jason Kidd without the rebounding but that’s a stretch lol. I can knock down the occasional 3 but look to pass first.