Beau Barney played pick-up basketball with Michael Jordan

Beau Barney floor.jpg

Beau Barney has been a staple of UH Colorado since 2012, consistently playing in Westminster and putting up career averages of 27.6/9.1/3.5 with shooting splits of 53/44/78. He’s also consistently participated in the Las Vegas National Tournament, playing in five of them since his first in 2014, when he won the national title with The Decision. While that may have been the peak of his UH career, it doesn’t top his best basketball memory. You can hear about that and more in the 10 questions Barney answered below.

What is the first pair of basketball shoes you ever bought?

Barney: Air Jordan 6 “infrared”.

What was the first concert you ever went to?

Barney: Steve Miller Band...great concert.

Who is the most overrated player in Ultimate Hoops?

Barney: No comment.

What is your favorite sports movie?

Barney: I have a lot of favorite sports movies, but would have to say Sandlot would be my favorite.

What five players (active or retired) would you pick to play against the Monstars?

Barney: Magic, Jordan, Lebron, Duncan, Kareem.

What TV show have you binged most recently?

Barney: Ozark....big crime drama fan.

What is your favorite signature basketball move?

Barney: Crossover drag to a step back jumper.

If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be?

Barney: Eva Mendez

What is your best basketball memory?

Barney: Summer of ‘94 pickup games in Alabama with Michael Jordan and his Birmingham Barons teammates.

If there was a movie based on your life, who would play you in the movie?

Barney: Andy Samberg