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SCOTTSDALE DRAFT: Week 4 Predictions

By Adam Butler | Scottsdale Media Associate

7:30 p.m. - Wet Bandits vs. Big Bizness

Wet Bandits is up next for their double header, with their first match being Big Bizness. Word around town is Big Bizness will be without a key piece this week, Michael Bizoukas. Without him, they might have trouble competing. Arkad is going to have to go dull Biz mode, while the Twin Thomas’ will have to step up huge in his absence. Meanwhile Brayden is going to have to continue his hot streak to start the season in order to capture their second win. If Biz doesn’t show, might not be a good time for BB. 

Prediction: Wet Bandits by 7

7:30 p.m. - Bel-Air Academy vs Dribbling Soul

Dribbling Soul lost a tough one last week, led the way by Danny Deezy with 30. DS had a less than stellar scoring night last week, but at the rate that they have been shooting, they’ll eventually have an unconscious night from deep. They took 22 more 3-pointers than 2-pointers so idk maybe like step in a little bit? 

Prediction: Dribbling Soul by 3

8:30 p.m. - Wet Bandits vs. Big Drip Energy

Warren La Chance must be on that Big Chelly Energy. Averaging a mediocre 50 points in his last two games, something must be in the water. I can’t even score 50 points in a season. This week they’re facing a tired Wet Bandits team on the backside of their double header. Which is unfortunate for them because my dude Warren might mess around and score 80 on some fresh legs. 

Prediction: Big Drip Energy by however many points Warren scores

8:30 p.m. - James Meng Talent Agency vs Bread Winners

JMTA finally got a win last week, after a huge game from Jemarique Sharpe. Sam Naimyar also started off nicely last week and Anthony Snow carried the load as much as possible. CRod is still a unit. I 100 percent have to be the one that steps up on offense and defense. I imagine the shots will keep going up and eventually they will start to fall. On the other hand my dude Brad Carroll stays getting buckets with ease, and Dylan is coming back into MVP form and Darron Bonner looking as sharp as ever, JMTA will definitely have their hands full. Still…gotta go with my guys.

Prediction: James Meng Talent Agency by 1

Power Rankings

1. Big Drip Energy

2. Big Bizness

3. Bread Winners

4. Dribbling Soul

5. Wet Bandits

6. James Meng Talent Agency

7. Bel-Air Academy