Who Will Step Up for Captain-less Chaos?

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SAN ANTONIO: Week 3 Predictions

By Pat Fridley | San Antonio Co-League Coordinator

It's only been two weeks, yet there's been a lot of moving parts. Some franchise cornerstones, and some franchise players might have made their last UHSA appearance. While we wish them all the best in their future, how will their teams fare without them? 

7:30 p.m. - Outkast (0-1) vs. PVGNE (0-1)

Two teams in need of a win, but there will only be one.

Outkast has a tough go in their debut, as expected from any new expansion team. They did well in the first half against the defending champs, leading by as much as 10 points for a few minutes, but they slowly let that get away from them as it turned into a blowout in the second half. This team definitely has potential, but they'll need to get their rotations down if they want to see any success this season. Chris White and Corey Weber were a few bright spots in their debut, but they'll need more than "a few" bright spots, especially against PVGNE. This team has 11 players on the roster, and several have talent. What they need most is leadership; who's stepping up?

PVGNE dropped their debut against VT in Week 1, and should be all but ready to put one in the win column in Week 3. They were undermanned in Week 1, but should have everybody available for this one. Darius World and Jarrett Coney will be welcome additions. Also, be on the lookout for Abram Gomez, as last season's MIP is second in the league in scoring so far. We know PVGNE's brand of basketball, and the sooner they get back to playing it, the sooner they'll be back on top. 

8:30 p.m. - Kingdom Come (2-0) vs. Velvet Thunder (2-0)

This early in the season, and we already have two undefeated teams squaring off against each other. 

Velvet Thunder are the new kids on the block, and they're making a case for themselves so far this season. With quality wins over tough opponents (PVGNE and NuStar), VT has shown that they are just as capable of winning as anybody. Matt Kallead was the man in that one, leading VT to a come from behind victory. Everybody chipped in of course as Justin Brickman and Ike Efe provided 19 points apiece, and Johnny Azzinaro broke his cold streak with a timely 3 that tied the game up late. These guys are good, and will prove to be a tough opponent for Kingdom Come. 

KC is 2-0, but still has some work to do. They haven't looked as dominant as they could be, they've just looked to scrappy defense to seal their wins so far. Losing Durrell Norman after this week will be tough blow as well. They'll need to have a "next man up" attitude when the time comes. As for Week 3, they'll have their hands full with some hungry newcomers in Velvet Thunder, who can definitely win if KC doesn't play like they're capable. All eyes will be on Norman however, as we look to see how he plays in his final appearance. 

9:30 p.m. - Ether (1-1) vs. Controlled Chaos (0-2)

We love this rivalry just as much as they hate it. Unfortunately, we won't have Wil Lombardi there this time around, but there should still be enough history to create another great game between the two. 

Ether got their groove back on in Week 2, looking very dangerous in their win over Outkast. It seemed like everybody on their roster had a great game, and they played like a team with 24 assists between all of them. Not to mention, they still haven't had Jayquan Anderson lace em' up. Whenever he makes his winter debut, Ether will really be in position to become the favorites once again. Ether is a big team, and we can't wait to see how they match up with Chaos. 

While Chaos will be without its captain, who will step up and run the team? This team has a lot of history, and a group of core guys who are already familiar with their rotations, so it shouldn't be too hard. Mike High and TJ Telfare come to mind, though TJ is sitting out this season. Chris Williams and Al Fitzgerald are looking like leaders as well. But Chaos will be tested in more ways than one against a tough Ether team. As a player, you get used to the coach calling timeouts and subbing players in and out. When you all of a sudden have to do it yourself, it almost becomes a game within a game. Still though, as the "Spurs" of the league, we think the culture Wil instilled in Chaos over the years will still apply. Can Chaos come out on top?

Power Rankings

7. Outkast (0-1)

6. Controlled Chaos (0-2)

5. NuStar (1-1)

4. PVGNE (0-1)

3. Velvet Thunder (2-0)

2. Ether (1-1)

1. Kingdom Come (2-0)