Ramadan Kareem Set to Start 2-0


MISSISSAUGA: Week 2 Predictions 

By Mohammad Sayeed | Mississauga League Coordinator

Gains Vs Fighting Dingleberries

The first matchup of the night sees Gains facing a newly formed Fighting Dingleberries. Though I like the Fighting Dingleberries’ chances, Gains has too much length, speed, and strength. I don't see anyone stopping Kareem from getting his looks and creating the offense he wants. Plus if Naji Mejalli makes his return, that makes it that much more difficult on the offensive and defensive side for the Fighting Dingleberries. He creates one-on-one matchup problems and his defense is run by his high IQ and scrappiness. Franklyn and Stark are hard to guard in the open floor with their athleticism and IQ. Sorry, Fighting Dingleberries

Prediction: Gains

Ramadan Kareem Vs Mambas 

The second matchup of the night should be a good one. Ramadan Kareem has the guard power to create problems for any team in the league. Their backcourt, led by Michael Hall and Youseff Daif, make their offense run that much smoothly. On the wings the brothers Mitchell Grant and Jamar Bailey can space the floor and hit 3s at a very high clip, which makes it hard for the defense to adjust when you have a player like Jalen and Zain get to the basket most times when they want to. Lucky for the Mambas they have size and strength to counter those points. Akshay Vashishtha is a terrific rim protector and rebounder. Petar Rusic and Alessandro Tanzi are an absolute problem when it comes to shooting. This matchup is a bit harder to predict, but due to the previous week’s loss, and my belief in this team getting it together, I feel Ramadan Kareem will come out victorious. 

Prediction: Ramadan Kareem 

Agents Vs Lewis 

This matchup should a good one indeed. Maher Dib and his team "Lewis" face Justin and his team "Agents". Both teams are looking to stay undefeated upon moving toward the next week. The matchup between Justin RT and Micheal Hall should be one for the books as both are very athletic, quick, and both finish at the rim very effectively. The tie breaker will be how their teams perform. Ashar Gul is also a game changer who creates problems when he is aggressive on the offensive end. Dubbed "Mr. Triple-Double", he is able to do the intangibles that don't show up on the box score at that end as well.

Prediction: Lewis 

Power Rankings

1. Lewis

2. Ramadan Kareem

3. Mambas

4. Gains

5. Agents

6. Fighting Dingleberries