Tempe Has the Best Draft League: Change My Mind


TEMPE DRAFT: Week 4 Power Rankings  

By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Tempe Media Associate

1.  Steel Curtain (3-0)

Another blowout win for Steel Curtain last week, they have played exactly as their name would suggest, holding teams to a league-low 71.3 ppg.  With that lockdown defense and a surprisingly effective offense, they hold onto the top spot for another week.  I see Gary Kilcup with the Draymond stat lines, working on the triple-double average for the season.

2.  GOATS (3-0)

Shooting nearly 60 percent from the field, this is by far the most dangerous offensive attack in Tempe.  A win tonight for GOATS will bring us the matchup we’ve all been waiting, as the two undefeated teams (Steel Curtain) play for number-one next week.  Another developing storyline for this team has to be whether or not Christian will even make the MVP ballot with the way Angel Ung has been playing so far, averaging 35/12/8.  

3.  Buckets Come Easy (2-1)

Buckets did in fact come easy for this team last week.  The swaps for Justin Dowdy and Max Biesi should finally have this team running at full strength.  This team is looking like it will be a tough beat or the rest of the season.  

4.  Shut Up & Dribble (2-1)

The former number-one team is back on track with a win last week, but still, they’ll sit in the middle of the pack for these standings.  A deep arsenal of weapons on offense keeps their players fresh, and it has shown its benefits. They’re tied with Steel Curtain for the best defense in the league.  

5.  Death Row (1-2) 

Tough stretch here as they got one undefeated last week and now the other undefeated team this week.  Getting DJ back this week should give them a better chance to win, but we’ll see.  

6.  Straight Business (0-3)

With 30-point games from Casey and Dakota, they suffered a loss last week.  However, considering they were without their first-round pick again, so it wasn’t really a terrible loss.  

7.  The Sleepers (1-2) 

Tough go so far. We’ll see if things get better with De’Maauri and Muhammad coming to the team.  I’d probably say it’s time to put this team to sleep though.  

8.  Bird-Box Out Your Man (0-3) 

Kenny take the blindfold off next time you draft.  Anytime Butler is your second leading scorer, I’d put money on the team losing that game.  


8 p.m. - Death Row vs GOATS | GOATS by 16

8 p.m. - Straight Business vs The Sleepers | Straight Business by 7

9 p.m. - Bird-Box Out Your Man vs Steel Curtain | Steel Curtain by 29

9 p.m. - Buckets Come Easy vs Shut Up & Dribble | Shut Up & Dribble by 9

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