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TEMPE OPEN: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Tempe Media Associate

1.  Ball So Hard (1-0)

Rumor is they’re bringing the whole squad out tonight…yikes.  

2.  Gilbert All-Stars (1-0)

This is the group that will probably challenge Ball So Hard the most this season.  With four guys that are gonna score, this team’s focus should mainly be on getting stops.  

3.  “Team Motley” (1-1)

A lot less impressive than previous week’s matchup.  Still coming in on the top half of the rankings, however.  

4.  AZRA Suns (1-1)

A solid set of forwards and shooters able to spread the floor, giving Biz plenty of room to be creative.  AZRA should be a dangerous matchup week-to-week.  

5.  Tempe All-Stars (0-0)

Idk who is actually gonna come play for this team but they haven’t lost yet, always a good thing.  

6.  Never Off Work (0-2) 

Way too much talent to have no wins; they’ll figure things out soon enough.  I would be willing to bet they don’t finish last in the rankings.  


7 p.m. - AZRA Suns vs Ball So Hard | Ball So Hard by 11

8 p.m. - Tempe All-Stars vs Gilbert All-Stars | Gilbert All-Stars by 6

9 p.m. - “Team Motley” vs Never Off Work | Never Off Work by 4

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