Game of the Week: Knicks vs. The Industry

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GREEN VALLEY REC: Week 4 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Knicks (3-0) vs. The Industry (2-0)

This will be the game of the week as the top two teams will square off for a shot at being the No. 1-ranked team. In The Industry's last game, they beat Urban Air by 21 points as newly recruited sharp-shooter Adam Rellah scored a team-high 22 points on four made treys, while Joseph Soto got himself 15 points. In the Knicks' last game, they beat the then top-ranked Dyme Pieces 100-85 as the GM Nick Guidice scored a team-high 29 points and Matt Darcel got himself 22 points. We'll see a plethora of shots attempted by the Knicks as they're averaging a league-high 92.7 points per game. On the other hand, The Industry is giving up the fewest points in the league with 64 points allowed per game. It's certainly the battle of offense vs. defense and boy will this be a great game.

One of the top matchups to look out for is The Industry's Marciano Brunette and the Knicks' Brenton Van. Both men will battle it out down low and fight for the boards. Other quality matchup is Guidice and The Industry's Derek Adkins. I have a feeling Adkins will be able to keep up with Guidice and play some lockdown defense. Let's see how well The Industry's Andreas Vasiliu does against a somewhat bigger Knicks team and I know he can score in doubles figures. I have to pick the Knicks here based on their clutch shooting, but they better guard Rellah or else they may be in trouble.

Prediction: Knicks -3.5

Dyme Pieces (1-1) vs. Urban Air (1-1)

The Dyme Pieces will be looking for some revenge as they fell to the Knicks last week and will face Urban Air. Urban Air was without Ryan Rice and that might've hurt them last week. Seth Gomez didn't score in double figures and they committed a lot of turnovers against a tough The Industry squad. Chris Stroud needs to have another 20-plus point performance and get his guys going. Meanwhile, the Dyme Pieces will be looking to have Jim Reilly back and ready to fight for those rebounds. The 3-point shooting trio of Tom Gibson, Josh Ross and Dylan Hansel will look to capitalize and drill 3s from left to right. That should be the deciding factor in this one as the Dyme Pieces should get the victory.

Prediction: Dyme Pieces -9.5

Buckets (0-2) vs. Houdini (2-1)

Edwin Urbina and the Buckets will look for the upset win against Michael Carboni and Houdini. I thought thatthe Buckets would get their first win of the season last week against the Gandonians, but it was too little too late. They did a great job against them out-rebounding the Gandonians 42-34, but shot 24% from downtown and was in foul trouble throughout the game. Charlie Farber was once again absent and hopefully he'll suit up this time around. Carboni scored a game-high 28 points against the Diplomats and will look to do the same tonight. Watch out for Cory Argubright of Houdini and either Urbina or Victor Senn to battle it out and challenge each other to shoot the ball. Of course the Buckets' Joe Paulk and Jason Hill will be key weapons from downtown, so Houdini needs to make sure they contain them at all costs. I can totally see the Buckets getting the win, heck why not Buckets for the win.

Prediction: Buckets +4

Lifetime Lakers (1-1) vs. RudeDogs (1-2)

The Lifetime Lakers picked up a clutch win last week against the SUNZ and will look to build a winning streak as they'll face Ben Carey and the RudeDogs. I have to give props to the Lakers for their quality win last week as their guys showed up and produced big numbers. Shawn Monegan scored a team-high 26 points, while Austin Welch drained six treys for 22 points. Jared Dean had a great game too, collecting 13 points on 10 boards and hopefully they can get him going against a tough RudeDogs team. Watch out for James Rice of the RudeDogs to get fed the ball a lot; Alex Epstein will have to contain him down low. Carey will look to light it up not only from downtown, but to draw some fouls and make some clutch free throws. I would like to see some more pure scorers for the RudeDogs, therefore, I have to give the edge to the Lifetime Lakers here.

Prediction: Lifetime Lakers -4

Revolver (0-3) vs. SUNZ (2-1)

Cris Cockrell and the SUNZ will look to have a bounce-back game as they'll take on Nick Davis and Revolver. We will probably see the most shots attempted in any game this week as a lot of guys aren't afraid to shoot the ball. Revolver did a great job last week in the rebounding category as they snatched 51 of them against the RudeDogs. Watch out for Anish Bilakanti to attack at the SUNZ's defense and attempt numerous 3s. Lewis Bill has been an impressive addition for the SUNZ and Revolver needs to be careful with him and try to contain him at all costs. A lot will go down in this one, but Cockrell is just a beast for the SUNZ and will find a way to get the win.

Prediction: SUNZ -11.5

Free Agents (1-1) vs. Diplomats (0-2)

The Free Agents, who are coming off a bye week, will face Patrick Guerrero and the Diplomats. The Diplomats' Andrew Power earned a double-double of 12 points on 15 rebounds against Houdini, while Guerrero scored a team-high 19 points in his first game of the season. I want to see Johnston Daniels be a difference maker in this game and cause havoc on the Free Agents. I know the Free Agents may be ranked a little high, but they look pretty sharp so far this season. One guy that has been looking strong is Craig Sutters, who's averaging a team-high 31 PPG, 10 rebounds per game and 4 assists per game. If the rest of his guys can keep on scoring in double-figures, it's going to be an interesting season for them. Watch out for Jonathan Garcia and Graylen Randolph to go back and forth in scoring, be facilitators and force the Diplomats to shoot the ball. If the Diplomats' Guerrero takes smart shots, it will look great for the Diplomats and their momentum. Also, Power must power his way in the paint and actually take more shots and if he does so, the Diplomats could capture the win.

Prediction: Diplomats +5

Bye Week: Gandonians (2-1)

Power Rankings

1. The Industry (2-0)

2. Knicks (3-0)

3. Houdini (2-1)

4. Dyme Pieces (1-1)

5. SUNZ (2-1)

6. Gandonians (2-1)

7. Free Agents (1-1)

8. Lifetime Lakers (1-1)

9. Urban Air (1-1)

10. RudeDogs (1-2)

11. Diplomats (0-2)

12. Buckets (0-2)

13. Revolver (0-3)