Can Old School Keep Up the Pace?

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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Week 3 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Bhoudini (0-1) vs. Buckeyes (1-0)

This is probably the game of the week as the Buckeyes will look to get a key win against Bhoudini. Bhoudini lost a tough one last week against Old School, most likely because they were without Charlie Farber. Hopefully hell be on board this week and make sure they don't start the season 0-2. Even though Bhoudini lost last week, you have to give props to RJ Wojtowicz as he scored what is most likely a career-high 34 points on 50 percent shooting. Milo Berger had himself a great game too as he scored 11 points on an incredible 10 assists. Watch out for Sam Michelli to play lockdown defense and force the Buckeyes to pass the ball. Josh Rollans of Bhoudini and perhaps Justin Weniger will have a big battle in the paint and will fight for the ball.

Of course the key guy to look out for in this game is Joe Paulk of the Buckeyes. He's always a threat from downtown and carries this team all the time. Paul Sexton is another threat as he is not only a scorer, but a solid defender too. Watch out for Anthony Becker to not be afraid to drive the basket and perhaps take some tough fouls. I want to see Evan Hunt shoot the ball more as his jumper is normally on point. If Farber is present, I have Bhoudini winning but if he isn't, perhaps this one will go to the Buckeyes, but you never know what might happen.

Prediction: Bhoudini -3.5

Old School (2-0) vs. NOT2OLD2SCORE (1-0)

The red-hot Old School, who's coming off a clutch win against Bhoudini, will face NOT2OLD2SCORE, who's also coming off a win against the RudeDogs. NOT2OLD2SCORE's Jim Reilly won't be present in this one, so NOT2OLD2SCORE will have to pick up where he left off in regards to rebounding. Perhaps Nick Lombardo will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting and being that big man this team needs this week. He'll be going up against Alexander Gonzalez and boy, what a matchup this will be. NOT2OLD2SCORE's George Abittan needs to hopefully have a repeat performance as he scored 37 points against the RudeDogs. He's always been a big-time scorer, delivers in the clutch and has a lot of energy. Watch out for Mike Anderson and Corey Caughey to drill threes from left to right and if Caughey is scorching 3s all game long, Old School may be in trouble.

Brian Stanton of Old School will need to have a huge game and he needs to be fed the ball a lot more this time around. Watch our for Shaun Story to be aggressive in the paint and for Rawle Smith to grab some clutch boards. I've said this many times, but give the ball to Dan Lumello. It takes one 3 for this team to get their momentum going and let's see if he delivers. Alex Cabrera hasn't been the prolific scorer as he has been in the past, but his defense needs to be on point tonight. Even without Reilly, I'm giving the edge to NOT2OLD2SCORE in this one based on the pure scorers they have.

Prediction: NOT2OLD2SCORE -6

44 Minutes (0-1) vs. RudeDogs (0-2)

The battle of winless teams as 44 Minutes will take on the RudeDogs for a shot at their first win of the season. 44 Minutes brought in Paul Boag and I'm not sure why he isn't with the Buckeyes, but we'll see what does down tonight. He's aggressive from the get go and isn't afraid to take on anyone. If he drives in the paint a lot, he'll be met by James Rice of the RudeDogs. Watch out for 44 Minutes' Keng Weng to attempt a plethora of threes and perhaps their new addition Steve Gebhart will get some key shots to go down. 

For the RudeDogs, they have plenty of sharp shooters in Amanda Kelley, Robert Lew and Roger Snow. If Luis Maceira suits up tonight, forget about it, this one will be a no brainer as the RudeDogs will capture the win. If not, I still think they'll win based on the better overall talent they have.

Prediction: RudeDogs -9.5

Bye Week: Boozers (1-1)

Power Rankings

1. Old School (2-0)

2. Buckeyes (1-0)

3. Boozers (1-1)

4. Bhoudini (0-1)

5. NOT2OLD2SCORE (1-0)

6. RudeDogs (0-2)

7. 44 Minutes (0-1)