Will Fall Turn into Winter?


BERGEN COUNTY: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Brian Ciano | Bergen County Media Associate

1. Andiamo (1-0)

Despite not having their top-two scorers from last season, Andiamo started off their winter season the same way they spent most of their fall season, dominating their opponents. We will see if they can repeat with their best player injured and their second best no longer on the team.

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2. Ferrall Ballerz (1-0)

The Fall season runners-up struggled to hit for much of their first game of the season but used their defense to come back from a late deficit and pull out the win.

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3. Bergen Tropics (0-1)

They came out strong and had the Ballerz on the ropes late into the second half, but need to find a way to finish their rivals to try and get their first banner.

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4. Harry's Pub (0-1)

They didn't look good in their first game, but started to pick it up after halftime. With a lot of new additions they will have to take time to gel and hopefully compete.

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5. Ball-Up (0-0)

We can't accurately judge them since we haven't seen them yet (and they have added some new players) but they will start here since we haven't seen otherwise yet.

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7:15 P.M. - Ferrall Ballerz (1-0) vs Ball-Up (0-0)

We will see if the changes made to the Ball-Up roster can finally pull them out of the basement this season. This is a tough draw to start their season, especially if the Ballerz commit to defense the way they did in their first game.

Prediction: Ferrall Ballerz 67 - Ball-Up 43

8:15 P.M. - Bergen Tropics (0-1) vs Harry's Pub (0-1)

The Tropics struggled down the stretch in their first game, but Harry's Pub struggled the whole game in their first one. Harry's Pub has to work to get to the smooth, gelled team that the Tropics have already become.

Prediction: Bergen Tropics 58 - Harry's Pub 45