The Champs Remain at the Top


RALEIGH: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Thomas Hunt | Raleigh League Coordinator

After claiming their fourth Ultimate Hoops championship, the Lifetime Rebels kicked off the winter season at the top of the polls. Take a moment to see where all this seasons teams rank. 

1. Lifetime Rebels (1-0)

After facing a revamped Heat team in a rematch of last season’s championship. The Rebels came out strong and played with a rhythm that comes from truly knowing your teammates. Led by the captain Mo Niasse, sharpshooter David Harris and point guard Danny Kasza the Rebels rallied together and put the Heat away. 

2. Invisible Bullies (1-0)

This is the Bullies first season as a team even though they have some familiar faces. Led by co-captains Choo Little and Nic Waddell, the Invisible Bullies managed to pull off the most dominant win in the season opener. 

3. Raleigh Elite (1-0)

Another original team breaks the top five. Raleigh Elite and captain Jonathan Denson bring back their core roster with a few new pickups who look to help RE get the push to finally win a championship.

4. Bulls (1-0)

The Bulls are another one of our new teams that have a few familiar faces on it. Captained by one of last season outstanding first time players Kareem Triaki. This team has plenty of talent to run with any team this season. 

5. D.R. (1-0)

After what could’ve been considered the upset of the night, the Cerda brothers and company knocked off the Black Mambas team format known as Unsigned Hype. 

6. Heat (0-1)

The Heat have completely revamped their roster. While still being captained by Eric Wright, they bring back last season’s MVP Thomas Hunt, dynamic scorer Chase Tyler song with the addition of former player Bishop Daniels and point guard Lenny Ruffin the Heat will be looking to jump up a few spots real soon. 

7. Thrashers (0-1)

The Thrashers are our newest free agent team. Their is little to know about these guys so far but they almost pulled off a big win against the Bulls last week. We are looking forward to see what these guys can do throughout the season. 

8. Defenders (0-1)

This Defenders team is almost as dangerous as last season’s team with the loss of the freakishly athletic guard John Ougein only time will tell how good they could actually be this season. 

9. Black Mambas (0-1)

Formerly known as Unsigned Hype, the Black Mambas lost their best two players to a new pro team in Raleigh and their former captain moving on to another team. They will be looking to regroup and try and regain their former championship ways of the past. 

10. Kings (0-1)

The Kings put up a great fight in the first half of their game last week. You can see the potential in this team this season. They are maybe one or two pieces away from putting it all together. After speaking with team captain Josh Hicks they will be searching to bring in a key piece soon. 

11. Brother Hood

Brother Hood is another new team this season. Last week was their bye week and they look to kick off their season this week with a big win. 


Wednesday night

6:30 - Heat (0-1) vs Bulls (1-0) | Heat by 5

7:30 - Raleigh Elite (1-0) vs Invisible Bullies (1-0) | Raleigh Elite by 2

8:30 - Lifetime Rebels (1-0) vs Brother Hood (0-0) | Lifetime Rebels by 15

Thursday night

6:30 - Kings (0-1) vs D.R. (1-0) | Kings 1

7:30 - Black Mamba (0-1) vs Defenders (0-1) | Defenders 1