Can Joseph Cromartie get Front Runners Back on Track? 

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SHELBY OPEN: Week 2 Predictions

By Mckinsey Golfin | Shelby League Coordinator

7:30 p.m. - Nothing But Net (0-1) vs. Front Runners (0-1)

As we enter in the second week of the season, these two teams look to gain their first wins. With Nothing but Net being a new team in this league with some new faces, they also bring competitiveness to the league. Even though there are some new guys, there's still some familiar faces like Alfonzo Eggleston, who had a double-double in last week’s game. As the Front Runners come back to the league, Joseph Gojcaj started his season strong with 25 points. 

In this matchup, we will see big men Alfonzo and small forward Morgan Iseler battle it out in the paint. We will see which team will come out victorious after tomorrow's game.

Prediction: Front Runners 88, Nothing but Net 76

8:30 p.m. - Dat Ain’t Fair (1-0) vs. All or Nothing (1-0)

Both of these teams started the season strong with a win in the first week. DAF’s DeMarco Paige continues to thrive as he dropped 24 points with a 61 percent shooting percentage in last week’s game. All or Nothing came back to this league stronger than ever as their new player Tyler Conklin started his Ultimate Hoops career with a double-double with 23 points and 13 rebounds. While both of these players started powerful, we will see tomorrow as they battle it out on the court.

Prediction: All or Nothing 88, DAF 84 

9:30pm - Y-Lie vs Balkan Brother Brand

As this will be the first game for BBB, they look to start fresh this season. Last season, BBB’s Alek Kume averaged an impressive 18 points and 9 rebounds. With his return to the league, he will be matched up against Y-Lie’s Gary Price Jr. After Y-Lie’s loss last week, they are ready to hustle and compete in this matchup this week.

Prediction: Y-Lie 76, BBB 68

Power Rankings

1. All or Nothing

2. Goblin Skillz

3. Front Runners

4. Dat Ain’t Fair

5. Y-Lie

6. BBB

7. Nothing But Net

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