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TEMPE DRAFT: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Gilbert Media Associate

1.  Steel Curtain (2-0) 

An impressive performance from Steel Curtain last week moves them to the top of the standings.  Jason Tollefson finally got his squad of hustlers and it has been working so far, shocking everyone with a 2-0 start.  Is their success sustainable?  

2.  GOATs (2-0)

Christian continues to torch Arizona and this offense is averaging 10 more points a night than any other team in the league.  Maybe they’ll earn that number one spot soon, we’ll see. 

3.  Shut Up & Dribble (1-1)

Bold move to give the reigning MVP only four shots in last week’s loss.  I’m still in on this team long term and they have plenty of time to find the right balance before playoffs.  Tonight should be a good chance to get back on track.  

4.  Death Row (1-1) 

Death Row’s nearly 30-point win was huge for the program.  DJ Keene continues to impress in a breakthrough season while Jordan showed off his pure point skillset, tying his career high in assists at 18.  Watch out for Death Row if Sisk can keep his teammates playing at this level.  

5.  The Sleepers (1-1)

Holding Birdbox to 58 last week, The Sleepers now lay claim to the best defense in Tempe.  Jordan Guy has been shouldering a lot of the workload offensively, but I know the Gonzalez “brothers” have more in their bag than they’ve shown.  

6.  Buckets Come Easy (1-1)

Buckets have been coming somewhat easy, but the stops have not.  I think Cam will have to play more of a playmaking role for this team to have any real success throughout the season.  

7.  Straight Business (0-2) 

No Fred last week, not sure on his status for this week but I imagine he’ll want to play against Adam and Christian.  Casey balled in his debut and the role players should be fine.  Once everything comes together they will be a tough matchup week to week.  

8.  Bird-Box Out Your Man (0-2)

Bird-Box Out Your Man holds it down at the bottom this time around.  They’re in the waiver market for a second-round pick but I don’t know how much that will help.  It’s a long road to the top for this bunch. 


8 p.m. - Bird-Box Out Your Man vs Shut Up & Dribble | Shut Up & Dribble by 19

8 p.m. - Straight Business vs GOATs | GOATs by 12

9 p.m. - Buckets Come Easy vs The Sleepers | The Sleepers by 7

9 p.m. - Death Row vs Steel Curtain | Death Row by 3

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