More Impressive Dominance: Patriots or Ball So Hard?


TEMPE OPEN:  Week 2 Power Rankings

By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Tempe Media Associate

1.  Ball So Hard (0-0)

Do we really need to talk about this one?  Until someone beats them, they’ll be penciled in for as top dog.  

2.  Gilbert All-Stars (1-0) 

This team could low key go for 200 this season.  Fred, Jordan and Tae are all constant threats to go for 50 and I don’t think Christian Bower has missed a shot in 2019.  The one weakness for this team could be Terry’s aptitude for ending up on the wrong side of a highlight. 

3.  “Team Motley” (1-0)

A fitting name for this motley crew of hoopers.  With 40/12/6 in his debut, it looks like Davonty Craven is the truth.  He turned it on the clutch to lead this new group to a win in Week 1.  He’s not the only option for the squad though, as they looked good top to bottom.  

4.  AZRA Suns (0-1) 

After suffering the closer of the two losses, we’ll slide the AZRA Suns into the 4 spot.  An embodiment of modern basketball, these guys will live and die by the 3-point shot.  When the shots were falling, they looked nearly unstoppable.  A cold streak towards the end of the game held the team from starting off with a win but they shouldn’t be winless for long.  

5.  Never Off Work (0-1) 

Never Off Work unfortunately did not go to work in Week 1, falling to the Gilbert All-Stars.  This team has championship contender level talent and plenty of experience.  It’s only Week 2 but after first seeing this roster, I didn’t imagine I’d be placing this team in the bottom half of the power rankings.  

6.  Tempe All-Stars  (0-0) 

Defending their Tempe home-court is gonna be tough for these guys.  However, I haven’t seen many games where Tempe’s version of James Harden, Donté Medder, hasn’t kept his team in a position to win.  Success for them this season will really depend on who they round out the roster with.  


7 p.m. -  “Team Motley” vs Tempe All-Stars | Tempe All-Stars by 7

8 p.m. - Tempe All-Stars vs Ball So Hard | Ball So Hard by 18

9 p.m. - AZRA Suns vs Never Off Work | AZRA Suns by 4

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