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GAITHERSBURG: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Remy Primas | Gaithersburg Media Associate

1. SuperSonics

They proved just how good they are in their opening night victory. Jerry McFadden and JJ Epps led their team in scoring while Jordan Obozele led the team in rebounding. They have a full squad that’s a force to be reckoned with. 

2. Mavericks

They won a close one on opening night. They had a few MVP efforts from Frank Dalton, Martez Marshall and Kelvin Miller to help them get past the Lakers. It’ll be tough to see who can get past this dominant team.

3. Trailblazers

Opening night was definitely a fun one for these guys. The game was up for grabs until player of the night Ivan Beran came through in a big way scoring 24 points and added 10 assists to help his team get past the 76ers. If these guys can keep up their aggressive style of play, they will go far. 

4. 76ers

A team that many had high hopes for took a loss opening night, but that won’t stop them from their mission to be the best. They’ll need to make a more assertive effort next time out which most believe they will.

5. Bullets

They are a team with many different weapons offensively and defensively. If they can find a way to put it all together they can be a matchup nightmare for plenty teams. 

6. Lakers

They started off the season with a tough loss against the Mavericks. If you ask me, they played well, but couldn’t make the little plays that it takes to be great. All in all they can play better as a team and surely they’ll come out in week two looking for a win.