Pistons and Bulls Open the Season With Looks of Being Powerhouses


SHELBY VET: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Mckinsey Golfin | Shelby League Coordinator

1. Pistons

With a little slow start last week in the season opener, these guys showed their offensive potential of having the ability to pull away fast from their opponent once they get going. They have a lot of weapons on their roster and can score from all positions. The addition of Vaughan Gray and Jason Sawinski was huge as Vaughan showed his ability to distribute the ball and Jason displayed a quick glimpse of his unwarranted shooting ability. This definitely will help them moving forward throughout the season. 

2. Bulls

Returning with the same roster, plus the addition of Jean Uwizeye, this pick up will definitely benefit these guys as Jean has a motor that won’t stop. Mark Camaj and Johnnie Sinishtaj led their team with 16 and 17 points, which I’m sure will increase once they get their rhythm going. With the shooting ability and scorers on this roster, I see the team scoring average picking up as the season goes on. 

3. Warriors

Even though they lost their season opener, they showed that they are not to be taken lightly as they led the game pretty much all the first half and little into the second half. Johnnie Brown was amazing as he continued to find different ways to score. He was missing a couple players in Week 1, but with the addition of Tony Muscat and Deshawn Wood come Week 2, they will definitely be a newly premiere team to be reckoned with. 

4. Spurs

Falling short and taking a loss in their season opener, they still were able to display some toughness as they had several opportunities to attempt to take the game over. But the combination of Adam Kaminski and Shane De Nooijer will be problematic as it will be difficult for teams to match up with them. They’ll just need some additional help from their teammates to get them over that hump. 

5. Lakers

Coming off a bye week, they will open up this week against the Spurs. Captain Keith Dewberry indicated that he is excited to get him to back out on the court, and to see how this new team will look. He stated that they should be competitive. 


10:30 a.m. – Spurs (0-1) vs. Lakers (0-0) | Spurs by 8

11:30 a.m. – Warriors (0-1) vs. Bulls (1-0) | Warriors by 4

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